Along Came a Spider

spiderWhile exercising early this morning, I found myself the subject of interest to a rather curious little spider. I watched the little critter drop from the ceiling on its personal web-elevator. At first, it just looked like a piece of fuzz slowly dropping down, but fuzz it was not.

I really don’t mind spiders. Of all the little exoskeleton-clad freeloaders lurking in my home, spiders are the least likely to be squished by my powerful bug-mashing thumb. Although I’d rather have a house clear of insects and other little creatures, at least spiders help out by trapping and feasting on some of them.

This particular spider seemed rather curious about me and my exercise routine. So much so, that it decided to drop right down on my right knee while doing my leg-lifts. Come on, little spider – why must you land on my knee while it is moving about like that? Wouldn’t you prefer a more stable landing pad? Could you not have dropped down one foot further to my right? Continue reading to see the cool animation of where the spider landed on me. :)

Gabi's SpiderAs much as I don’t mind spiders (and often enjoy looking at them up close when I find one), I do prefer they not land on and scurry around my body while I’m exercising. I’m not a spider jungle gym or some kind of giant amusement park ride for 8-leged fly traps. When I’m exercising, leave me a lone, please. I know how hard it must be for a little spider to resist the temptation of checking out my right leg up close like that. I mean, I do have rather nice legs. They look this good because of my strict daily exercise regimen.

I didn’t want to squish my little admirer, so I just brushed it off and then blew it over to the side several feet. Consider that another free ride from Gabrielle, the giant human playground turned arachnid wind tunnel. I didn’t see where the little crawler ended up, but somehow I think it stuck around to watch the rest of the show. There were more leg-lifts, crunches, push-ups, and curls to complete before taking a shower and heading off to work. I’m sure it all must have been very fascinating to my four-eyed audience of 1. Next time, please just look and don’t touch though. I might have to introduce you to Mrs. Thumb if you try that again.


2 thoughts on “Along Came a Spider”

  1. Ha! I always scoop up and redistribute spiders at my place. I know that they work hard at keeping the local bug life under control, but since they won’t pay rent, they are relegated to life in the hallway. (It’s strictly a financial thing.)

    1. Thanks for chiming in, Mazzy. :) I’m sure the little critters appreciate hallway life more than “squish town”. With any luck, they’ll feast on other would-be insect-invaders in the hallway *before* they even have a chance to enter the main living area.

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