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Babe of the Week – Heidi Phox

Heidi PhoxToday is tax day for everyone in the U.S. – something many of us dread. If Uncle Sam just cleaned out your piggy bank, perhaps we might offer you a pleasant distraction from your woes in the form of the beautiful, the lovely Heidi Phox.

Heidi is our latest babe and for good reason. The camera just loves this phoxy t-girl as you can see in the numerous photos available on her flickr and MySpace accounts. She looks absolutely stunning! Her playful, creative side really shows through in various poses across a variety locations. Fashion sense? Oh yeah – she’s got that in abundance!

Heidi is a gorgeous 39 year old straight male to female crossdresser who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Active in her church, she puts family first and loves spending time with her wife and kids. She’s a big NFL fan, and also enjoys going hiking and camping. Having taken up running to stay slim, she now has a few marathons under her (garter) belt.

Beautiful as she is, Heidi’s life goes far deeper than just her outer appearance, and I’m not just talking about the crossdressing aspect. Growing up transgendered is anything but easy to deal with and understand – especially within the confines of our generally unaccepting society. Heidi talks about her crossdressing with us:
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Babe of the Week – Michelle Monroe

Michelle MonroeMeet Michelle Monroe. She’s got style, class, elegance, great looks, and she’s a total babe! In her MySpace photo album you will find dozens of photos that show off a variety of different looks and styles this from this gorgeous t-girl. Blond bombshell, playful cheerleader, French maid, and some awesome “old school” looks are among the assortment of stunning images to be found.

Michelle is an eye-catching 41 year old male to female crossdresser who lives in Manchester, Connecticut with her wife and kids. She’s a career girl and currently works in sales.

Fashion, pretty dresses, glamorous gowns, and short skirts are some of the things Michelle really enjoys. Most of all, she enjoys sexy shoes. She has a shoe fetish, with a special love for classic stiletto pumps. For her, there’s nothing sexier and she has them in every color imaginable.

Michelle has a lot of fashion sense and experiments with different styles in her many looks. We asked her how long ago she started crossdressing and she told us:
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Babe of the Week – Phyllis

PhyllisIt may be April 1st, but this is no joke. When you take a look at Phyllis, the word “babe” comes to mind and for good reason. Not only is she a hottie with amazing legs, she’s got style, a playful spirit, and a beauty that the camera captures very nicely as seen in her flickr photos.

Phyllis is an eye-catching t-girl living in California. She enjoys a variety of activities including hiking, gardening, making spicy pizzas from fresh dough, oil painting, and listening to awesome pop and classical music to name a few.

Currently in a serious relationship, she’s a straight male to female crossdresser with a fun sense of humor. Her motto is “celebrate feminity forever” and if her pictures are any indication, she does this with passion and an obvious love of life.

Phyllis shared with us that she was a member of a rock band years ago. She’s still making music and plays the guitar, piano and synthesizer.

Of course, Phyllis isn’t just about good looks and pretty pictures. Like many of us in the transgendered community, she grew up having to hide her feminine side from the world in order to fit into a society that is generally unnaccepting of differences in people.
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Babe of the Week – Nikki Welsh

[Nikki’s photo has been removed at her request]
We’re happy to announce a new reoccurring segment called “Babe of the Week”. It doesn’t require much explanation – the title pretty much sums it up and our first official myCDlife “babe” is quite the knock-out!

Nikki Welsh is a gorgeous t-girl with style, personality, and legs to die for. Married with kids, she’s a straight male to female crossdresser living in the Western U.S.

On her flickr account you will find dozens of beautiful photos boasting a variety of different looks that she pulls off very nicely. Each photo includes a playful caption. It is obvious that she has a great time in front of the camera, and you’re sure to have just as much fun enjoying the fruits of her work.

It’s important to understand that Nikki is not just another pretty face in the transgendered community. There’s a lot more to this t-girl than just good looks. In her blog, Nikki Welsh’s Lost in Trans Elation, Nikki explores the complexities of being a crossdresser and her deep emotions involved.

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Getting Hit On By Guys

net admirer

Before venturing online as Gabrielle for the first time, I mentally prepared myself for the possibility of getting hit on by men or other crossdressers. Being a straight male to female crossdresser, I really don’t have any interest in being with or having intimate relations with another man or even another crossdresser – no matter how beautiful her female appearance is. Regardless, I’m married to a great woman, very happily, and our marriage is a 100% monogamous one.
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How I Came Out to My Wife


One of the questions I’m often asked by other crossdressers is how did I come out to my wife. I enjoy a very happy marriage and my wife is an active participant in my crossdressing. She helped me learn how to apply makeup, shops for female clothing with me, and is supportive of my need to be myself.

So how did I do it? Why is it that the Fabulous Mrs. H. loves her crossdressing spouse, Gabrielle, when other crossdressers run into giant road blocks with their wives/girlfriends? I wish I could tell other crossdressers that it was how I came out to her, but the fact is how I came out had little to do with her acceptance of me.

Like many crossdressers, I got married without first telling my wife about this aspect of my life. At the time, I was very ashamed of it and feared she would reject me if she knew. The seeds of her acceptance however, were sewn long before we got married. Even so, I still greatly feared rejection from the woman I love more than anything.
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