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Who’s That Desktop Wallpaper Girl?

Gabrielle desktop wallpaper at work

I often tell other crossdressers that I look so different en femme, fully made up, that no one (who knows my man-side) would ever recognize me if they saw. To test this a little, I changed my work-place desktop wallpaper to a close-up of Gabrielle’s face. The photo above is of my dual wide screen 22″ monitors at work. Guess what people are saying…
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No Sleep, Too Much Caffeine and a Missing Payphone

Out of Luck E.T.

This is going to be a pretty senseless post, but it’s not my fault. I blame it on the lack of sleep and amount of caffeine currently in my system.

Sleepless nights really stink, don’t they? We all get them. It’s time to go to bed and there’s just too much running around in the head. I ended up getting maybe an hour or so of sleep in the wee hours of the morning, just before having to wake up to the annoying alarm clock, do my morning work-out (which is oh so fun after having not slept) and get ready for work, etc.
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For Me? You Shouldn’t Have!


I stepped out to buy some flowers for my wife while on break at work today. She’s an amazing woman and I like to bring her flowers from time to time for no other reason other than I love her and to make her smile. Walking back into the office with flowers in my hand always gets the same old, over-used, just-not-funny-anymore joke. Everyone I passed by said pretty much the same thing: “For me? Really, you shouldn’t have!” Seriously, every single co-worker I passed said that same phrase almost word for word. I get this every time I step in the office with flowers in my hand. I always do my polite, fake chuckle back, sometimes playing along. You kind of have to do that. It’s expected, even though the joke, that same old joke, is never funny.
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