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Wearing Makeup: The First Time and Now

Gabrielle Hermosa (Dec. 2009)

I’ve been crossdressing since the age of 3 or 4, but it wasn’t until December of 2008 that Gabrielle finally got her face. The picture above was taken a couple of weeks ago, on the one year anniversary of my first time in full makeup. It’s not my best head shot, but certainly displays a vast improvement from a year prior in terms of looking more feminine up close.

After a lifetime of keeping this aspect of my life a carefully guarded secret, it was around this time last year (add a couple of weeks) that I was finally (fully) out to my wife. It was that same time, after months of planning, that my first ever feminine makeup transformation took place. The fabulous Mrs. H. agreed to take care of business for me. With years of experience doing her own makeup, and very well, I was sure to look gorgeous when all was complete… or so I initially thought.
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Black Nail Polish Ain’t Just for Halloween

black nail polish

My favorite color is black and I love black nail polish. When it looking feminine (or trying to), I think my color choices differ from many. I generally do not wear bright, colorful clothing. I prefer dark, neutral colors. Dressing all in black is my favorite, and that of course includes black nail polish (check the photo below).

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement for the “Hot Topic” chain, I do like many of the things they carry. Some of the hardcore gothic-types make fun of the chain for various reasons, but I don’t really care. I like what I like regardless of what others have to say about it. I’m not exactly goth, but love many of the female gothic styles and plan on exploring them more in the future… in my own way, of course. Many gothic men wear black nail polish, by the way, which has nothing to do with crossdressing (as in, they’re not crossdressing by wearing it).
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Nothing Ever Seems to Fit

clothes returned

Yesterday my latest package of mail-order clothing arrived. After arriving home from a long day at work, I quickly got out of my man-clothes and tried everything on. One garment at a time, my disappointment grew as I discovered nothing fit me. My lovely wife, on the other hand, ended up with a new elegant yet sexy little black dress and attractive bell sleeve top. She looks mighty fine in them, too, I must say. Finding female clothing items in my style and in my size often seems like a cruel exercise in futility.
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When Did “Sexy” Become “Slutty” and Why?

Back Yard May 16, 2009 in my back yard ready for a night on the town (May 16, 2009)Do you remember the sexy styles from the late 80’s and early 90’s? Miniskirts, low-cut tops, and form-fitting clothes that revealed plenty of skin were in style and plenty of lovely ladies were working it. How I loved to see attractive women wearing these fashions and wished I could do the same. My wife dressed in these sexy styles very frequently when we first started dating.

Unfortunately, many of these sexy styles gave way to far more conservative fashions. Somehow “sexy” became almost synonymous with “slutty”. This is especially problematic for me because I really love dressing sexy. To the right there is an example of how I like to dress. I really love that outfit. It’s comfortable, I look good in it, and feel absolutely great about myself when I dress that way.

So how exactly did attractively “sexy” become cheap and “slutty”? There seems to be this notion that if a woman dresses too sexy, that she’s just trying to get guys horny, or she’s a slut, or prostitute. There’s a shame factor in dressing too sexy now. Why is that? Who cheapened sexy to slutty? Was it the fashion industry just wanting to sell more conservative styles? Was it insecure women constantly putting down other women who they felt looked better than they did by calling them sluts and whores? What happened?
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