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Happy 2010 and New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year 2010! I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and festive evening full of fun and laughter, among good friends and family.

The Mrs. and I were pretty low-key last night. It was just the two of us with no real plans for the evening. We enjoyed some TV together (a bit of Dexter season 3 on DVD) and took it easy. The fabulous Mrs. H. wasn’t feeling so fabulous (due to a visit from her monthly friend) and fell asleep well before midnight. I woke her with a gentle kiss and wished her a happy new year just before calling it a night and joining her.

Following the long standing tradition, many people will make new year’s resolutions with good intent, only to give up after a short period of trying. There are some very important resolutions I made this year. I pray that I have the strength to follow through with them.
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Vlog #2: Overeating, Exercising, and a Wii Bit of Racing

This is entry number 2 in my vlog (video blog) series. It’s been just over a month since my last vlog, so I thought it was about time.

In this installment, I talk about a personal struggle that’s been causing trouble in my life. A recent session with my therapist shed some light on a destructive obsessive cycle that’s been spiraling out of control for a few months now.
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Passing of an Eight Legged Admirer

spider grave

Not long ago I did a write up about a little spider that decided to take a ride on my knee while I was exercising. After completing my daily trek on the treadmill yesterday, I noticed the little fella had returned. It was sitting on my exercise mat almost exactly where it had dropped down on me before. Not wanting it to get accidentally stepped on, I carefully blew it aside to the corner.

This morning, I found the spider right back on my exercise mat in the same spot. Upon closer examination, I noticed that it was rather dead. Not squashed or anything, just dead.
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Along Came a Spider

spiderWhile exercising early this morning, I found myself the subject of interest to a rather curious little spider. I watched the little critter drop from the ceiling on its personal web-elevator. At first, it just looked like a piece of fuzz slowly dropping down, but fuzz it was not.

I really don’t mind spiders. Of all the little exoskeleton-clad freeloaders lurking in my home, spiders are the least likely to be squished by my powerful bug-mashing thumb. Although I’d rather have a house clear of insects and other little creatures, at least spiders help out by trapping and feasting on some of them.

This particular spider seemed rather curious about me and my exercise routine. So much so, that it decided to drop right down on my right knee while doing my leg-lifts. Come on, little spider – why must you land on my knee while it is moving about like that? Wouldn’t you prefer a more stable landing pad? Could you not have dropped down one foot further to my right? Continue reading to see the cool animation of where the spider landed on me. :)
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