Vlog #2: Overeating, Exercising, and a Wii Bit of Racing

This is entry number 2 in my vlog (video blog) series. It’s been just over a month since my last vlog, so I thought it was about time.

In this installment, I talk about a personal struggle that’s been causing trouble in my life. A recent session with my therapist shed some light on a destructive obsessive cycle that’s been spiraling out of control for a few months now.

In vlog episode 2, I discuss:

  • My recent troubles with overeating
  • Obsessive over exercising to compensate for overeating
  • Stress
  • Lack of personal time
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • My number one video admirer (?)

Vlog #2, take two…
Once again, this was recorded using my phone’s low-end built-in video capabilities, so my apologies for the picture quality. I spent some time in front of a real video camera talking about things, but rambled on way too long and didn’t feel up to the time consuming task of chopping it all down to size. Somehow, talking to my phone cam in the bathroom keeps me more focused than when talking in front of a tripod-mounted camera in my makeshift studio.

A brief segment from the original recording session remains intact in the video – a little Mario Kart sight gag. It should bring a smile :)

Discussing personal struggles
We all have our problems in life to deal with. Even though I was caught in a worsening destructive obsessive cycle for months, it wasn’t until discussing things with my therapist that I full realized how bad things were. This may sound odd, but I was embarrassed to discuss this issue, and the many others I spewed out during my last session. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. The embarrassment often helps me break free of the negative patterns I sometimes get trapped in.

There is also embarrassment in sharing my shortcomings in life publicly like this. So why do it? Sometimes humility is good. It can be a powerful motivator to change bad habits and replace them with new, healthy habits.

What works for you?
As pointed out, I’ll shame myself (sometimes publicly) into making positive changes in my life. It works for me. How do you motivate yourself to make changes when they become necessary? If you have any tips or tricks in that department, please share what works for you.

Just a reminder
I have no control over the suggested videos offered after mine finishes. I do NOT endorse any of them.


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10 thoughts on “Vlog #2: Overeating, Exercising, and a Wii Bit of Racing”

  1. Hey hon I hope you figure out why you manage stress that way. Once you do I’m sure you can manage you issues better. I know I have my stress addictions that I need to manage. :~

    Personally one of my stress relievers has been video games. To relieve stress when I quit smoking I played video games (Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, and Blast Corp.) instead of smoking. Of course that really just exchanged stress management techniques. One does need to get to the cause of particular stresses to actually reduce the stress effect but healthier means of dealing with the present stress can go a long way. You just have to figure out what substitutions work for you.

    I wish our schedules matched better. I would love to race you. FYI I sent you a couple of Time Trail Ghost on the Wii.

    1. Hi Erin. I wouldn’t call overeating exactly “managing” stress – more like a really idiotic reaction to it, or lack of managing stress. What a terrible viscous cycle I was stuck in though – overeating, which requires more exercise to maintain good a good shape, which adds to the stress, which leads to more overeating. Good thing is the cycle is broken. :)

      Video games are a GREAT way to escape life’s garbage for a while! :D I truly miss having the time to get lost for a while in a nice, long adventure or action game. I’m a firm believer in the therapeutic effects of a good gaming experience.

      Thanks for sending the time trial ghosts. :) I’ve enjoyed some serious ghost racing against random people. Your ghosts will let me know what to expect when Wii finally meet up – and I’m sure we will soon. :)

  2. Terrific Vlog Gabrielle. I know you will manage the issues well, but I wanted to say this non-related thing to you.

    Damn, but your voice is working well. Keep practicing. It is effortless now, and quite passable.

    Mad jealous here. But happy for you.

    1. Thanks, Petra! :) I’ve broken that cycle, but still need to work through some other things. Don’t we all though, right?

      Thank you SO much for the awesome compliment on my voice!!! :D I can’t say it feels effortless, and I’m not sure it’s really passable (or doesn’t seem it to me), but I’ve been keeping up with the vocal exercises almost daily and working at it. I just asked my wife yesterday during dinner if I still sound like an “old lady” when I talk. She smiled and didn’t answer. lol Oh well. Maybe at least I shaved off a few years. :)

  3. Thanks for the great insight! My wife (a professional chef-instructor) never over-ate, but certainly over-exercised. Could have been stress – the October ’08 financial crisis postponed all our plans for retirement. Then she developed a chronic backache and eased off. Now everything’s a little better. Hope you have the same success! Best… Marlene B.

    1. You’re welcome, Marlene. :) People deal with stress in different ways. The important thing is to identify any unhealthy behaviors caused by and possibly (as in my case) even adding to the stress level, and then make changes where needed. Glad your wife is doing better these days. I’m doing better, too, even though my changes are very recent. I will be successful because I choose to be. Making healthy changes and sticking to them isn’t easy at times, but I refuse to let it get the best of me.

  4. Great video! Not that the last one was bad in any way, but you have improved…I say that as if I make videos…and you do have more than one fan.

    Anyway, hope you are doing well and thank you for posting the video.

    1. Thanks, Erin K.! :) I’d like to think I’ve improved, I mean it is my intent and goal, but it’s great to hear it from someone else. :) As I said repeatedly in the first vlog, I’m a work-in-progress, and hope to continue improving (on many fronts).

      I’m doing alright – just nursing a very sore left tibia, but I’m dealing with it. Thanks again for your kind words. :)

  5. im sooooo jelous just look at your figure sweetie your scrummy. i saw ure phone video bout ure school reunion and you spoke about your wife arnt you soooo lucky to have an understanding woman in your life. i also have but unfortunately she wouldnt go out with me in case she met someone she knew there is a club in glasgow (yes im scottish )but she wont even go there im afraid she came with me twice and she met people she knew so that hit that on the head im afraid. wot i would like to know is where do u find t friends? p.s.your voice sounds great. xx

    1. Hi Jaimie. Thanks for the kind words. :) I’m sorry your wife won’t go out to the club with you, but I understand her concerns. People can be so cruel, and regardless of how much she loves you, the fear of being ridiculed because of the taboo element can be very daunting.

      Where do I find my friends? If you’re talking about my old high school friends, well, they kind of came with the territory. lol We knew each other in high school, lost touch, and then met up again. Aside from old acquaintances, I generally meet people through my website (as they reach out to me), connecting with others who have a blog of their own, and sometimes on message forums.

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