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Trans Sci-Fi Geek Humor In Vader

Gabrielle and Darth Vader

A few days ago, while hanging out with some trans friends of mine at a local coffee shop, I got into some rather geeky sci-fi conversation. It’s really awesome to not only have a growing number of trans friends, but also (at least one) rather geeky friend: a trans woman who can actually speak some Klingon!

I don’t usually do impressions, but…
Star Wars and Darth Vader came up during the conversation. Jumping on an opportunity to get a chuckle, I did a quick impression of Darth Vader saying a line from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. In my best Darth Vader voice I said, “Obi-Wan never told you the truth about your faatherrrr.”

Everyone within an earshot stopped talking and looked at me with wide eyes as their jaws dropped. Whoa! Awkward silent moment!
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Snow Puppy and the Horned Snowman of Doom

Snow Puppy and the Horned Snowman of Doom

Something lighthearted and fun for this Friday:  It’s snow season around here and I recently enjoyed some fun in it.  The snowman started out normal enough, but ended up turning out distorted – kind of like Frosty’s demented radio-active cousin.  It’s been a few years since making my last snowman, so I was a bit out of practice.  Since he was already pretty odd looking, I threw on some horns and “gonna grab you” arms and hands to complete the look.  The little snow puppy turned out pretty well considering I’ve never made one before.

After snapping a photo, I was reminded of those crazy Calvin and Hobbes snowman-based cartoons.  I can’t hold a candle to the comedic genius expressed in those comics, but still wanted to share my little construction-in-the-cold.  My wife doesn’t care for the “horned snowman of doom”, but I got a kick out of it and hope it brings a smile to your face, too.
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Was That an Explosion in Our Backyard?

radio active meteor from outerspace

My wife and I were in for the night and decided to watch a movie together on our big screen, 5-speaker TV. “The Watcmen” was our film of choice. It seemed interesting and neither one of us knew much about it beforehand.

Several minutes into the movie we heard a very loud BOOM! It sounded like it might have come from the back yard. Although I’ve never heard what a meteor sounds like when it crashes, it sounded a bit like that. We were both startled and I paused the movie. What the hell could have made such a noise? Was our house still fully intact?
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Thou Shalt Not Make Magic 8 Ball Videos

Gabrielle's Magic 8 Ball Video Promo

Last Friday, I pitched the idea for video Magic 8 Ball readings offered by yours truly. My wife, the fabulous Mrs. H., rolled her eyes when I explained my seemingly amusing idea to her. When I asked my brand spanking new Magic 8 Ball, it reassured me that it is certain to be a “cool and fun” idea. Website visitors told me…
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My Magic 8 Ball


The amazing, mysterious, all-knowing Magic 8 Ball of truth. You know the deal – ask it a yes or no question, give it a shake, then turn it over and peer into its magic blue window of knowledge. Do you believe in the wisdom offered by a plastic 8 ball filled with blue mystery liquid surrounding a plastic icosahedron of answers? I can’t say I do, but it’s a lot of fun to play with anyway! By the way, I think “icosahedron” is the coolest word since “sargalesis” (look it up).
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