My Magic 8 Ball


The amazing, mysterious, all-knowing Magic 8 Ball of truth. You know the deal – ask it a yes or no question, give it a shake, then turn it over and peer into its magic blue window of knowledge. Do you believe in the wisdom offered by a plastic 8 ball filled with blue mystery liquid surrounding a plastic icosahedron of answers? I can’t say I do, but it’s a lot of fun to play with anyway! By the way, I think “icosahedron” is the coolest word since “sargalesis” (look it up).

Do you own a Magic 8 Ball? If not now, I’m sure many of you did in your younger years. I recently bought my first ever Magic 8 Ball. It sure felt good to check that one off my bucket list. My parents never let me have one as a kid. They saw anything that had to do with fortune telling in any way, as the work of the devil. Growing up, I was apparently surrounded by kids who were all in the hands of satan because pretty much everyone I knew had one of these. But I digress.

Why am I writing about my Magic 8 Ball? I wanted to harness the power of this dark, shiny mystifying sphere in an effort to interact with my valued website visitors and readers of my blog in a new and unique way. In other words, I just wanted to try something new, fun and entertaining: personalized video Magic 8 Ball readings.

My wife thinks this idea is pretty lame. Admittedly, I do come up with some silly ideas from time to time. Let’s see what the Magic 8 Ball has to say about it:

Magic 8 Ball: it is certainMe: Magic 8 Ball, is the idea of offering online video readings lame?

Magic 8 Ball: Reply hazy try again.

Me: Let me try a different approach. Magic 8 Ball, is the idea of offering online video readings cool and fun?

Magic 8 Ball: It is certain.

Me: Awesome! See? I knew it would agree with me. Molded plastic toys don’t lie. ** wipes bead of sweat from forehead **

For the record, that is exactly how it turned out. There was no illegal manipulation of the Magic 8 Ball, nor did I fish for the answer I wanted or just make it up. If it disagreed with me, which it very well might have had I not changed how I asked, I would have posted exactly what it said. That’s how it works: all straight up, or it’s not any fun. You get what you get.

Here’s how the Magic 8 Ball video thing will work. Ask a short, simple yes or no question in a comment to this post. If I like your question (and if I have the time), I’ll take video of myself asking the Magic 8 Ball and capture its response.

I’m going to try and record video responses tomorrow afternoon (Saturday June, 27). If your question is submitted before then, there’s a good chance you’ll get a customized Magic 8 Ball video from yours truly. It may be another week or so before I publish the video(s) depending on a number of factors, so try not to ask anything of an immediate nature.

This should go without saying, but remember – this is strictly for fun and entertainment. :) And what’s more fun and entertaining than a crossdresser with a Magic 8 Ball? lol

7 thoughts on “My Magic 8 Ball”

    1. Thanks for playing, *****. You probably know the answers to those already, but I’ll take them into consideration. :)

      I’m kind of hoping for more trivial, silly or weird questions like: “Did Michael Jackson fake his own death in order to later make the comeback of comebacks?” or “If a tree falls in the forest…?”

      EDIT: July 1, 2009
      This was supposed to be lighthearted and fun, not cause any hard feelings. Wishing you well and sorry to see you go. :(

  1. Gabrielle:

    If I remember correctly we used the Magic 8 ball as a party game. One person would ask a question with a Yes or No answer and then Pass the Magic 8 ball to the next person. It actually was fun to play. Hope you have a great 4th of July. I also wish the same to everyone who posts comments or monitors the web site. Thanks for all the time you invest and please continue your fine endeavor. I visit your site at least twice a day.


    1. Thanks for sharing your Magic 8 Ball memories, Nancy. These things really were magical when we were younger, weren’t they? Ahh, the fun of being a kid!

      Happy 4th to you as well. :)

  2. Gabrielle

    I am attending a family picnic July 4 at noon. It is at my Uncle Andy’s House. As he says Family is important If you don’t have family what do you have? Say hi to Mrs.H.

    All my best to the both of you.


  3. You are looking for lighthearted questions….
    How about ” If reincarnation exists can I come back as a really hot girl?” PLEASE

    1. I say sure, absolutely! :) Great question for the Magic 8 Ball, Jen… I only hope it agrees with me. It may be a while yet before I do actual video readings. I’d be happy to ask your question if you don’t mind a bit of a wait. If you’d prefer something a little sooner, I can whisper your question to my glossy, dark windowed-sphere (minus the video), and give you the answer in a comment (shortly after receiving your request). Video is cooler, text is quicker, the choice is yours and I aim to please. :)

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