Comment moderation
Before comments are published, they are first reviewed for content. Sometimes comments are not approved.

When comments are not approved, it is not because people offered ideas or input that differs from that which has been expressed in the main article. Opposing arguments and/or suggested content corrections are always welcome, so long as they are offered somewhat intelligently and with a minimal level of respect. Name-calling, disparaging, vulgarity, and flat-out pestering are some of the reasons for which comments end up getting deleted rather than published.

If you’ve left a comment and would like to know why it did not get published, here are some of the reasons why it may not have:

Differing opinions
If you disagree with content published on this website and can offer your input somewhat intelligently and respectfully, chances are it will get published.

Comment modification/alteration
Sometimes obvious type-o’s are corrected in comments before publishing. Certain words (generally swearing) will be altered (ex: sh*t). Personal information, such as, but not limited to, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses will be removed. Aside from type-o corrections, personal information, and “bleeped” words, modifications are generally not made to comments. Comments are not modified in a way that alters the expressed ideas shared by their authors.

Threats, either direct or implied, are not published. They are all taken seriously and forwarded to authorities.

Comment spam
Comment spam is something most blogs, message forums and any website that allows visitor interaction has to contend with. Most spam is easily blocked automatically. Some of it still makes it through the automated blocking protocols and needs to be dealt with manually. All comments that seem spam-like in nature are deleted.

We all know what internet trolls are. In short, they’re a waste of everyone’s time. If a comment seems troll-like in nature, it gets deleted.

Hate comments
When people leave hate-filled comments, it adds nothing to the topic of an article or discussion there of. Haters tend to leave hate comments simply to spread their hatred (and/or try to intimidate) without intention of learning or participating in valid discussion generated as a result. Although other websites that deal with transgender topics may choose to publish hate comments, that is not the case here. Transgendered people are often surrounded by hate and usually quite aware of that fact. It need not be present here to remind anyone of that reality. Hate comments are deleted.

Name calling
Like hate comments, name calling and other forms of disparaging remarks will be deleted.

Off-topic discussion
Comments that are not relavent to the topic being discussed are usually deleted. If the topic of discussion is about phone etiquette and someone comments about how much they hate me, or they love me, or they have a really cool car, or want to thank me for leaving a comment on their blog, or whatever non-topic related item, then it gets deleted.

Sexually explicit material
Some of the content on this site contains sexual references for educational purposes. It is not intended to incite conversation about personal sexual gratification interests. The sharing of sexual fantasies or otherwise graphic “adult-themed” material will not be published in comments, even if the material was shared with honest intent. This is not the place for that type of discussion.

Nonsense comments
Some comments simply don’t make any sense. This is often the result of non-English speaking visitors who have used a translator to read site content, and then responded with a comment that has also been translated from another language to English. The result is sometimes a comment that just doesn’t make any sense and therefore distracts from a discussion rather than adds to it. Rather than have other visitors endlessly guess what the commenter intended to say and clutter up the conversation, nonsense comments are deleted.

Comments that are left with the underlying intent of personal promotion rather than adding to the discussion will not be published, even if the comment contains a minimal level of relavent content. Please promote your website/products elsewhere. This does not include the simple act of adding one’s personal website in the URL field when leaving a comment. If the “leech” thing is a bit confusing, then you’re most likely not a leech and need not worry about it.

Freedom of speech
Everyone has the right to free speech. That right does not extend to this website or any other. All websites reserve the right to remove user-generated content for any reason. In that respect, this site is no different. I’m more than happy to allow people to voice their opinions, whether they agree or disagree with content published. If comments fail to meet a minimal level of respect and intelligence, they get deleted.

Repeat offenders
Whining and complaining about having comments removed will be a waste of your time, not mine. Once someone has established themselves as a belligerent pest, I stop reading anything submitted by them.

Requesting removal of comments left
If you leave a comment on, please be certain you are comfortable with what you have shared. Do NOT leave comments if you think you may want it removed at a later date. With few exceptions, I will not remove comments left by visitors (you) upon request. Think twice before leaving a comment. If you decide you have a problem with me, this website, another commenter on this website, or a change of heart for whatever reason, that is your problem. Do not waste your time commenting if you think you might ever want it removed. Chances are, I won’t remove them, nor will I respond to your request(s) to do so. I have an extensive ignore e-mail list already. It’s not a problem to add one more… or dozens more to the list. It only takes but a moment of my time.

Did I leave something out?
One need not agree with opinions expressed. Show a minimal level of respect and intelligence in a comment, and it will probably get approved. I’m not going to attempt to cover the comment approval rules to the absolute. Some people will always look for loopholes and cry foul anyway. Life is too short for that garbage.

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