The Battle Scars of Crossdressing

Homer Simpson mowing the lawn in a dress

While examining my face closely in the mirror last night, I took a good look at all my new scars. They weren’t there a year ago, but now I have several of them scattered about. Some are more noticeable than others but they all stand out like a sore thumb to me. What caused these battle scars and why the picture of Homer Simpson mowing his lawn in Marge’s Sunday dress?

My battle scars are the result of shaving with a bladed razor. I’ve always used an electric razor because I have sensitive skin, but when I started wearing makeup late last year, the electric razor just didn’t cut it anymore (pun intended). My facial hair grows in pretty thick so unless I want to look like Homer Simpson in a dress (with his trademark 5 O’clock shadow), I have to use a bladed razor. It takes several passes in multiple directions to get the closest shave possible. The process is painful and small chunks of skin are sometimes removed with the stubble.

Even the more expensive multi-bladed razors do a number on me, but I am trying for a closer shave than normal. Several layers of concealer and foundation need to be applied in order to hide the remaining hint of 5 O’clock shadow. Of course, this can’t be started until after the bleeding has stopped. A month ago or so my upper lip was cut so deep that it took almost an hour for the bleeding to stop. When I removed my makeup later that night, the bleeding started right back up. That left a pretty noticeable scar.

I am getting better at it now. Last time, I only ended up with a few slight micro-nicks. The trade off is that the shave was not as close, so I had to compensate by caking on more foundation. It worked, but up close it didn’t look very natural.

I’m not very happy about the relatively new permanent markings on my face. It’s hard enough to transform Gabe’s rugged man-face into Gabrielle’s soft, attractive, feminine face without these additional scars working against me. At least I’m getting a little better at it now. I hope to get a face lift some day soon. Maybe that will also help minimize the appearance of the scars… when I can actually afford a face lift. Donations for an aging t-girl, anyone? :)

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  1. I occasionally shave with a regular, tri-bladed razor… for those days that I’m planning on spending a large portion of the day out without the chance to come home and shave again. Normally I shave with an electric even when I’m going out as Lynn, and I have a similar problem to yours, in that if I use the regular blade, I bleed all over the place because my face isn’t very tough.

    1. I wish I could get away with an electric razor like you, Lynn! Actually, with a few more layers of foundation, I might be able to, but I’m sure it would start breaking up in areas and leave crevices like miniature tectonic plates. :o I already get a little of that around my smile lines. I’m always experimenting though. I really want to get my hands on one of those air-brush like makeup application tools. They’re rather expensive but it might save my face from a lot of excessive wear and tear.

  2. I have always used a bladed razor. I have found that if you apply a VERY hot wash cloth covering your whole face for a few mins before shaving that your pores open up a bit and the razor will cut closer without making multiple passes. The less passes you have to make the less the chance of cutting yourself.

    1. Thanks for the advice, Jen! :) I douse a washcloth in hot water and hold it to my face several times before shaving. It does seem to help some, but I still have a heck of a time. I’m sure I’ll discover the proper recipe for a good, smooth, non-scarring shave in sooner or later. I sure hope it’s sooner than later! lol

  3. Hey Gabrielle,

    I used to work in a shop that sold electric razors, and while I’ll freely admit that most of them are garbage, I have a few suggestions.

    First off, if you want to stick with an electric, typically heavier facial hairs are better with a screen type shaver vs a rotary shaver. Of them, I found that the Panasonic ones are the best, particularly towards the higher end of the line. You can also use them wet/dry.

    If you want to do the best shave you can with a regular blade, well, there’s a couple things you can do to help. First off, to make your shave as close and as comfortable as you can, it’s best to do it after you shower as quickly as possible. If your hair dries beforehand, then rewet with nice hot water. Apply your shaving cream or gel. Shave away. Rinse with cold water. The cold water helps with closing up the pores afterwards, and also helps to compress your blood vessels and stop bleeding.

    If you can, I’d really suggest that you consider getting a shaving brush and shaving soap, old fashioned style. It helps a lot in my opinion since it really picks up the hair from your face.

    Finally, if you have a cut, I’d strongly recommend getting what’s called a styptic pencil. Most pharmacies sell them. It’s an artificial clotting agent.

    If you need any more advice, let me know.

    – Kathryn

    1. Thanks, for the advice, Kathryn! :) I do prefer shaving with an electric only because it’s a lot less painful and never leaves any “battle scars”. I use a Remington and it works decently (for an electric screen razor), but it doesn’t quite “shave as close as a blade.” Rotaries have never done well on my face (or legs, tried them there as well). Never tried a Panasonic – I may need to look in to one.

      Shaving soap and brush, huh? Might have to try that as well. Why not? What have I got to loose… except unwanted stubble! lol

      Haven’t tried the cold water to stop bleeding trick. It makes perfect sense – don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before. I really need a styptic pencil. Had I known about these things when I nicked my lip good, it might not have taken so long to stop… and may not have scarred as badly.

      Your advice is much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to share, Kathryn! :)

  4. Ugh, Remington… They were the store I worked for, actually, lol. In fact, I was with them until they closed the doors on the retail operation, we were one of the last stores to close because we were the best. Unfortunately, they haven’t made a good razor in five years. The last one was the Remington Intercept, and that was only good because it was a rebranded German model. Before that they had the XLR way back in the day. But anything since has sucked.

    Panasonic if you must have an electric, otherwise, like I said, hot water, lather (brush is best), shave, then cold water. Cold water also sooths better than alcohol based aftershave and doesn’t leave your face feeling raw.

    And you’re welcome for the info, I’m just a cold, logical, green blooded bastard, so I have a tendency to share information whenever possible to help others.

  5. OMG! Gabi please ten cuidao con la cara!!!

    Have you considered laser hair removal? I know it’s a drastic step, I hope I’m not coming across boorish or anything.

    Your doctor may be able to suggest a scar treatment for your face.

    1. I’m being more careful now, Jessica. lol Yes, laser hair removal is on the table, and no you’re not coming across boorish. It is a big step, and Mrs. H. seems ok with it, but it is expensive and… well, there’s no turning back. I don’t plan on growing facial hair again, but need more time to ponder this one yet. No more shaving would be great. It would be very nice not to have to spackle on layers of foundation to hide the 5 O’clock shadow ever again!

    1. Hair conditioner, huh? Interesting idea. Wait a minute – you’re not just trying to set me up as a joke or anything, are you? The old look at the weird-o with hair conditioner all over the face gag? lol Just kidding. :) It actually sounds like it might work. Will give it a try. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. My beard turned white before my head did, i’m not complaining. But, most advise recommends a “new” blade for that close shave. I prefer and experienced blade. Shaving right after a shower, hot towels, all very good. But with a slightly worn multi-blade and short overlapping strokes, not too fast will cause the leading blades to pull on the hairs allowing the following blade to cut the over exposed follicle before it retracts. If you practice a bit, you will seldom cut yourself but still get an amazing shave. Always pull against the direction of growth. As you get better, you will find some areas smooth nearly 24 hours later.

    Gilette and Curad are probably the same company.


    1. Thanks for the tips, Ellen. :) I’m slowly getting a little more skilled. Shaving against the direction of growth does offer the closest shave, but it usually what hurts the most. I’d LOVE to be able to be smooth for 24 hours, but I’m not sure that will happen for me. My facial hair grows very rapidly. Always open to and appreciate new tips and techniques in this area.

  7. Great advice here.
    I shave just before getting ready and always after a nice hot shower. I also use hair conditioner for the closest shave. I start cutting with the direction of hair growth and then do a second cut in the reverse direction to get it really close. Make sure the face stays wet and warm until done. then follow up with cold water and lotion to soften the skin.

  8. An ex-Marine buddy of mine (yes, really!) reminded me of how to get smooth skin after shaving. Having been ex-military myself, how did I ever forget how to pass inspection?

    Shave per the suggestions here, then use a cold water-soaked washcloth (the colder, the better) on your face. You’ll be surprised how smooth your face looks, even hours afterward.

    Having suffered a rather unfortunate shaving accident during basic training (I lopped off a mole, and just about had to go to the infirmary to get the bleeding stopped) swore me off bladed razors, so I’ve had to make do with electric since then. Remembering how to “pass inspection” has helped, but even so, there are new things I learn everyday en femme.

    1. Thanks for sharing your shaving advice, CD Dood. :)  I’ve gotten better with bladed shaving over time, but have to be very careful.  Don’t think I’ve ever tried cold water on my face prior to shaving – I’ll have to give it a try.  Sorry to hear about your mole incident, I hope that didn’t leave a scar!

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