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“Stray Shadows” – Artistic Crossdressing Themed Music Video

Gender bending, androgyny, and various forms of crossdressing are nothing new in the art of music video presentation. I was recently invited to check out a new music video for the song Stray Shadows by Blanket Barricade, a theatrical rock band from Vancouver, Canada. To my delight, the video’s visual style is anything but just another example of the often used comedic, shocking or outrageous approach.

The “Stray Shadows” music video features an artistic, tasteful, and very well-done presentation in its use of a crossdressing themed story. It artistically illustrates some of the powerful emotions and awkward moments involved in the life of many a crossdresser, along with an unexpected surprise. The song’s music is hauntingly beautiful and lead singer Wesley Krauss offers an emotionally charged performance with his accompanying vocals.
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Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13

Government agents Myka Bering and Peter Lattimer have been recruited by the mysterious Mrs. Frederick to retrieve objects with supernatural powers and deliver them to the enormous Warehouse 13 facility for safe keeping. The quirky yet wise Artie Nielsen is in charge of the warehouse and offers insight and guidance to Bering and Lattimer each week as they seek out and gather dangerous, trouble-causing objects.

We’re about 3 episodes into this new TV show on SyFy. Have you been watching it, too?
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Return of the Crossdressing Gamer

Gabrielle in Resident Evil: the Umbrelle Chronicles

What happens when a t-girl does battle with the T-Virus in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles? Unfortunately, this t-girl gets reminded that she needs a bit more target practice. Zombies and other mutated creatures have been getting the best of me, but not before I take a bunch of them out with my black nail polished trigger-happy finger of punishment!
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Thou Shalt Not Make Magic 8 Ball Videos

Gabrielle's Magic 8 Ball Video Promo

Last Friday, I pitched the idea for video Magic 8 Ball readings offered by yours truly. My wife, the fabulous Mrs. H., rolled her eyes when I explained my seemingly amusing idea to her. When I asked my brand spanking new Magic 8 Ball, it reassured me that it is certain to be a “cool and fun” idea. Website visitors told me…
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My Magic 8 Ball


The amazing, mysterious, all-knowing Magic 8 Ball of truth. You know the deal – ask it a yes or no question, give it a shake, then turn it over and peer into its magic blue window of knowledge. Do you believe in the wisdom offered by a plastic 8 ball filled with blue mystery liquid surrounding a plastic icosahedron of answers? I can’t say I do, but it’s a lot of fun to play with anyway! By the way, I think “icosahedron” is the coolest word since “sargalesis” (look it up).
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