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Gabrielle on the tube

I don’t exactly have many videos to share right now but I decided to create a YouTube account. You can view the official myCDlife YouTube Channel by clicking the link. Before you go running off to check it out, please note that there is currently but a single short video there, and I’ve embedded it further down in this post.

I’m guessing “YouTube” was originally named in reference to the term “boob tube”, which was parent-slang for a TV… back when TV’s actually used a cathode ray tube (or CRT, look it up) to display video. I paid homage to the tube-based TV in the image for this post. That’s actually one of my older tube-TV’s. That bulky TV of nearly 20 years is almost TWO feet deep! :o Still works rather well though.

The idea to start a YouTube account came to me recently after posting a few short phone-videos on a crossdressing message forum. Some of the members had trouble viewing them in their native 3g2 format. The current version of QuickTime plays 3g2 video just fine, but not everyone has it installed or wants to install it. Flash-based video is all the rage these days. Pretty much, if you’re on the internet, you’ve got the Flash browser plug-in and have no trouble watching videos on any of the popular video sites.

Here’s the first (and currently only) video posted on my YouTube account. It’s just me trying to look cute and girly while offering a little message of video love. :) Sorry about the low quality. Shooting video on my phone is rather convenient, but my current phone doesn’t exactly capture high resolution, crystal clear video.

How often I’ll make new videos and post them to YouTube is uncertain. Finding the time to do so is one factor. Coming up with material people might actually be interested in viewing is another. Did you like the phone-cam video? Are cute little short videos like this are worthy of your time if I make more? Would you prefer something with more polish to it? Should I make short Gabi videos a reoccurring segment here and start a “video” category? Speak your mind, baby!

Do you have a YouTube account and want to be my close, personal YouTube BFF? Shoot me a friend request. My other social networking accounts kind of suffer from neglect (lack of time) but I love making new friends and would be honored to be your YouTube BFF. :)

2 thoughts on “Gabi Does YouTube”

  1. Okay, so I had to post my comment here on your site, instead of on youtube. I’ve watched your video a couple of times and I loved the smile message you wrote. I was driving around campus today, when I stopped at a crosswalk (whoops, I typed crossdress and then had to backspace!). I motioned for an old woman to cross the street, and during her walk, she smiled at me. I in turn smiled at her, and then at a younger lady crossing from the other direction.

    Believe it or not, I actually thought of you after this happened, and thought about smiles make such a difference and can be so contagious.

    – Jessica

    1. Thanks, Jessica! Smiles are indeed a powerful tool for… well, making others smile. Although I can’t see yours right now, you just made me smile, too! :) This may sound corny, but I really like making people smile because there is already so much misery going around and I think people really need to smile more. When I’m fully dressed up as Gabrielle, I smile a lot more and like to share that with others.

      I had to lol @ your oops on typing “crossdress”. I’ve done that in reports at work a few times – so far, always caught myself before sending them. Can’t wait ’till the day one of those communications makes it through undetected. :o

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