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Was That an Explosion in Our Backyard?

radio active meteor from outerspace

My wife and I were in for the night and decided to watch a movie together on our big screen, 5-speaker TV. “The Watcmen” was our film of choice. It seemed interesting and neither one of us knew much about it beforehand.

Several minutes into the movie we heard a very loud BOOM! It sounded like it might have come from the back yard. Although I’ve never heard what a meteor sounds like when it crashes, it sounded a bit like that. We were both startled and I paused the movie. What the hell could have made such a noise? Was our house still fully intact?
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Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13

Government agents Myka Bering and Peter Lattimer have been recruited by the mysterious Mrs. Frederick to retrieve objects with supernatural powers and deliver them to the enormous Warehouse 13 facility for safe keeping. The quirky yet wise Artie Nielsen is in charge of the warehouse and offers insight and guidance to Bering and Lattimer each week as they seek out and gather dangerous, trouble-causing objects.

We’re about 3 episodes into this new TV show on SyFy. Have you been watching it, too?
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The Adventures of Captain Cross Dresser

The Adventures of Captain Cross Dresser

“A mild mannered accountant reveals his cross dressing secret to his therapist. Captain Cross Dresser takes the law into his own hands, falls into the face of danger but then rises as the legend is born.”

“Captain Cross Dresser” is an awesome animated comedy short that I had the pleasure of enjoying after finding a write up and link to it on Tracy’s Happy Place. Please check out the 9 minute comedy short here on crackle.com.
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House, M.D.

House, MD cast

Some of my co-workers regularly talk about the Fox TV show “House”. Having never seen the show before, they tried to describe it to me. It’s a medical drama centered around a misanthropic, yet brilliant doctor named Gregory House. After repeated conversations about House’s off the wall treatment of people in addition to some nice eye-candy in the show (something about a woman called “Thirteen”?), I was rather curious about it.
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The Greatest American Hero

The Greatest American Hero Cast

Do you remember this show from the early 80’s? Quirky school teacher, Ralph Hinkley (William Katt), and down-and-out FBI agent Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp), are thrust into an odd crime-fighting partnership after being approached by an alien spaceship in the desert. Ralph is given a “super suit” (aka, the “red jammies”) by the aliens and told to work together with Bill and make the world a better place. Ralph looses the suit’s instructional manual out in the desert. The result is a reluctant and unlikely super hero, complete with super hero powers… who has some serious trouble using them – especially when flying.
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“Life on Mars” Series Finale

Life on Mars

If you’ve been following the show like I have, you know the deal. Detective Sam Tyler gets hit by a car in 2008 and is knocked out. He wakes up to find himself somehow stuck in 1973, working for the 125 (precinct) while trying to figure out how he ended up in the past and how to get home to 2008.

If you’ve never seen the show, it was a really cool mix of sci-fi, 70’s cop show, and detective mystery, laced with humor and loaded with style. It featured an amazing cast of actors and well written story lines. Sadly, it lasted but a single season and just ended this past Wednesday.
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Operation Currently Prohibited by Disc

DVD Operation Prohibited

My wife and I watch a TV show or movie together on DVD a few times a week. DVD players are great, aren’t they? You just pop in the disc and can immediately skip to anywhere in the production or fast forward or fast rewind or whatever – all with the push of a button or two. So much easier to navigate than those clunky VHS contraptions were, right? Except… every time I put in a DVD and try to skip to the content, I get this annoying message!
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