Return of the Crossdressing Gamer

Gabrielle in Resident Evil: the Umbrelle Chronicles

What happens when a t-girl does battle with the T-Virus in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles? Unfortunately, this t-girl gets reminded that she needs a bit more target practice. Zombies and other mutated creatures have been getting the best of me, but not before I take a bunch of them out with my black nail polished trigger-happy finger of punishment!

I picked up this game three weeks ago today, but have only logged about 3 hours of total game play in it so far. With the exception of going bowling with Mrs. H. once or twice, my Wii has been little more than a dust collector for more than six months. I used to be an avid gamer, but there’s not much time for it anymore.

In order to keep up with this website and maintain a presence in online transgendered communities, something had to give so I pretty much gave up gaming. Somehow, trying to make a difference in the world seemd a little more important than indulging in a trip through the digital wonderland of a video game. Even so, a brief escape from reality is a welcome break from my hectic and often stressful life. I do miss getting lost in a good virtual adventure.

I may only be able to squeeze in an hour or two of game-time on weekends, but at least it’s something. Gabrielle Hermosa, The Crossdressing Gamer is back… even if only in a limited capacity. Horror survival games are my genre of preference right now. Resident Evil 1 and 4 (especially 4) kept me glued for quite some time… when I used to have time.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles is a rather simple game – aim, shoot, aim, shoot more, and keep shooting until all those zombies, mutated creatures, and everything else that moves is dead, dead, DEAD! Simple or not, I’m really enjoying it. The Wii remote’s aim lag is annoying, but I’m making the best of it. Somehow Resident Evil 4 seemed to have more responsive aim, but maybe only because there weren’t as many parasite infected townspeople attacking at once so it wasn’t as noticeable.

There are a few other shoot-em up horror games on my wish list. I’m also very curious about the recently released first person shooter: The Conduit. The level of graphic detail and number of moving objects on screen is impressive, considering the Wii’s underpowered hardware. I can see myself getting lost in that one for hours, if it does for me what Perfect Dark and No One Lives Forever did in the past. Note that both Perfect Dark and NOLF offer the opportunity for some digital crossdressing as you control female character in each. The Conduit will need to wait until I have some time off from work though. I’ve penciled it in for Christmas break later this year… assuming nothing of greater importance takes precedence.

I’ve always enjoyed games that much more when the game character is a tough, beautiful, gun-toting babe. Hellooooooo Lara Croft! Do you enjoy playing as the female character in games more than as a male? Have you had to cut back on your gaming time because your life got busy, too? Are you working your way through a good game you think I might enjoy? Tell me about it.

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  1. Have you picked up House of the Dead Return for the Wii? It’s a great game and it works best with the Nyko Perfect Shot. I’ve always loved House of the Dead because of the arcade style gameplay and on the rails shooting capability.

    1. I haven’t gotten that one yet, but it IS on my list, Jessica! I usually only chew on one game at a time (especially with limited time for it), so I want to try and finish this one first. There’s also another horror zombie game that came out earlier this year… can’t remember the title off-hand, but it’s in a 70’s b-movie style presentation. That’s on my list too. I’m really enjoying the whole shoot-up up zombie gaming experience. I might pick up the Nyko Perfect Shot before I’m even done with The Umbrella Chronicles. The Wii Zapper has been a bit awkward for it so far. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

    1. Yes, that’s the one! Thanks, Jessica. :) I’m pretty sure that one will get added to my collection. Trailers for it looked really cool and… well, it’s got blood and zombies and I get to shoot ’em! lol

  2. Not quite the same experience as House of the Dead and similar games, but gawd, I love playing the Nazi Zombie mode on Call of Duty. My friend brings it over and we just keep cracking open Zombie head. Great game, lemme tell ya.

    1. I love blasting zombies, Kathryn! :) I just looked up Call of Duty for the Wii (my only current gen system) and found out they EXCLUDED this option from the Wii version. Grrr! I think it has something to do with the weak 4-cylinder engine under the Wii’s hood. It can’t pull the hefty weight of the Nazi Zombie trailer behind it. :( Bummer. I guess you’ll have to blast a few zombies for me.

      In related news, I haven’t touched my Wii since… wait, that sounds naughty. I haven’t filled up any zombies with digital lead since before writing this article. :( When I have a rare hour or two of free time in my day and I can relax and blast zombies or do some website maintenance, writing, and/or reach out my sisters in the tg community… I often choose the latter. I seriously need the gift of FREE TIME in my life! **sigh** Sorry, don’t mean to rant. I’ll find a good balance soon, I’m sure. :)

  3. Be careful about wishing for free time. I have way too much of it right now, thanks to unemployment since January.

    God, the more I think about it, the more our country is starting to sound like Bruce Springsteen’s “My Hometown.”

    “Main Street’s white washed windows, and vacant stores. Seems like there ain’t nobody wants to come down here no more.”

    Anyway, blasting zombies, yes… And ghosts. I just played and beat Ghostbusters. Fun game, you should try it too when you have a chance. Pity that your Wii can’t handle the heavier aspects of other games like CoD. Get a 360, they’re not too expensive anymore and it’s good to mess around with.

    1. Yeah, the Wii is definitely no powerhouse! I’d probably get a 360 but… I don’t even have time to play with my Wii… damn – sounds naughty to say that, but you know what I mean. Damn you Nintendo for your stupid gaming system name! lol

  4. Wow this is really a surprise for me, hehe first time that I found another crossdressing gamer! I was already feeling alone when I was playing my shooters in heels and nail polished hands. Now that you mention it I´m always been inclined to choose female characters in video games even if there`s a ton a male (generally more powerful) characters I love to kicks everyone´s asses with quick, beautiful and nimble babe.

    1. You’re not alone, Lena. I’ve been crossdressing and gaming for a long, long time. The best way to play a fps is in finely polished nails and heels! :)

      Female characters have always been more fun for me. Who want’s to see some muscle-bound guy running around when you could be looking at a hot babe and bust bad-guy ass with her? In the fighting games of the early 90’s, the male characters were more powerful as you say, but I always played with the female characters and got really good at utilizing their abilities (Chun Li comes to mind). In short, I mastered the games with the “weaker” characters and LOVED it! :)

  5. This site’s really cool. I love how geeky most tg’s are. There are loads of girly guy gamers. I make tg games for fun, though they’re much simpler formats than stuff you find on consoles. At the rate technology and customisation of games is moving I’m sure it’ll be more possible some day but whenever I play games like these I wish there were more tg aspects. I’d love a resident evil where everyone was getting turned male and you shot them with a tg gun to save them from that horrible fate.

    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for chiming in. It’s always an extra pleasure to hear from (an openly) geek-oriented visitor. :) I’ve often said that “tg” also means “Trans Geekette” in my case. The “t” in “t-girl” means “tech-girl”. lol I think there are a lot more “girly gamers” out there than most people think. Because of the social taboo (of having feminine tendencies and being male) most of them keep it to themselves or only share online in a limited capacity under a nickname.

      I’m in the early stages of dabbling in mobile gaming development. Having grown up as part of the original generation of gamers with hand-held “electronic games” and an Atari VCS (aka 2600) in hand, gaming has always been a big part of my life. In the mid 80’s, I made a fairly simple clone of “Breakout” in Basic. It was with that same gaming mechanic that I began learning how to develop games in today’s mobile platform – have to start basic and work my way up.

      Technology, gaming, and general geek stuff were among topics I really wanted to explore more on this site, but time I time veered away from anything trans-related as the main topic matter, visitor interest tanked. Bummer, but I understand why – most trans folk seek out “trans sites” looking for trans-related material, not technology, gaming, or otherwise geeky. Oh well.

      I think you have a rather interesting gaming idea with the RE element, and instead of zombies (or parasite infected townspeople ala RE4), that the player would have to put out of their misery “masculine-infected” people. lol Plenty of room for cool gaming mechanics in there, and a lot of potential for humor, too. Keep honing your gaming skills. Who knows – you just might introduce the world to a new and unique gaming sub-genre and be the first to pioneer it! :D

  6. HI, fellow geekettes! Cool place to hang out! I have a question about some of the games I’ve seen on JPop. I’m not too great at the shooter games — actually my wife is way better than me — so I’m curious about these games where you can take on the role of either sex and run around like crazy. I’ve never played any of these, but I’m curious … Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Any opinions? I’ve finally come out to my wife, so I can look at these things without giving myself away. What a relief !!! –Thanks, Donna

  7. Ok, I’m back already. Apparently my memory is not trustworthy. (Like it ever was!) I guess I’m thinking of games on JBOX, not JPOP. I was just now checking & it looks like the only interesting thing on JPOP is lots of cute pix of cute Japanese girls. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) Anyway, my question stands: Is anyone familiar with the Japanese roleplaying games? (Ok, I’ll come out of the computer closet, I’m talking Windows here.) –Thanks again, Donna

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