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Crossdressing in Public Can Be a Real Drag

Big Wigs - Cher and Tina Turner (Aggy Dune and Kasha Davis)

Where can one find a safe, inviting environment to crossdress in public, enjoy a good dinner and be treated to some top notch entertainment all in one? At a Big Wigs show, of course!

My wife, and I attended a performance by the Big Wigs themselves, drag queens Aggy Dune and Kasha Davis. It was our first time out to a drag show. In a nutshell, we both became instant fans of Big Wigs Aggy and Kasha! Check out their website for upcoming performances. You won’t be disappointed!

What was it like being the only part time tgirl at the party house for dinner and during the show? Did I get read? How did people react to me? What was my wardrobe malfunction? Which bathroom did I use? Is it really safe to crossdress in public, even at a drag show?

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“Stray Shadows” – Artistic Crossdressing Themed Music Video

Gender bending, androgyny, and various forms of crossdressing are nothing new in the art of music video presentation. I was recently invited to check out a new music video for the song Stray Shadows by Blanket Barricade, a theatrical rock band from Vancouver, Canada. To my delight, the video’s visual style is anything but just another example of the often used comedic, shocking or outrageous approach.

The “Stray Shadows” music video features an artistic, tasteful, and very well-done presentation in its use of a crossdressing themed story. It artistically illustrates some of the powerful emotions and awkward moments involved in the life of many a crossdresser, along with an unexpected surprise. The song’s music is hauntingly beautiful and lead singer Wesley Krauss offers an emotionally charged performance with his accompanying vocals.
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Out Shopping En Femme With My Wife

It’s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to get out in public as Gabrielle. My wife, the fabulous Mrs. H., recently took me shopping at one of the local malls. It marked the first time we ventured out in public together, while I was en femme (not including drives we’ve taken in which I did not exit the car).

My public outings have had mixed results in the past. To increase the potential for a more successful outing, I took some drastic measures this time, or at least drastic for me.
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Posting My First Photo En Femme

On January 1, 2009, I ventured online as Gabrielle for the first time. In preparation to begin interacting with others, I created a flickr account and uploaded my first femme-photo. Prior, only my wife had seen me this way.

Posting that first photo was a bit strange at the time. I felt exposed to some extent. It’s kind of funny to me now – how it seemed like such a big deal to publish my photo as Gabrielle online for the world to see. This is simply who I am and I don’t think twice about sharing photos and stories about my life now. That first step out of complete privacy and into the public eye felt like a big one at the time, but I quickly became comfortable with it and posted another photo just days later.
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Wearing Makeup: The First Time and Now

Gabrielle Hermosa (Dec. 2009)

I’ve been crossdressing since the age of 3 or 4, but it wasn’t until December of 2008 that Gabrielle finally got her face. The picture above was taken a couple of weeks ago, on the one year anniversary of my first time in full makeup. It’s not my best head shot, but certainly displays a vast improvement from a year prior in terms of looking more feminine up close.

After a lifetime of keeping this aspect of my life a carefully guarded secret, it was around this time last year (add a couple of weeks) that I was finally (fully) out to my wife. It was that same time, after months of planning, that my first ever feminine makeup transformation took place. The fabulous Mrs. H. agreed to take care of business for me. With years of experience doing her own makeup, and very well, I was sure to look gorgeous when all was complete… or so I initially thought.
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The Only “Normal” One

Striped Mini Dress, Boots and Black TopI met up with an old friend (in guy-mode) a couple of weeks ago. He was one of the small group of people I enjoyed the company of while en femme at my high school class reunion this past summer. Although I’ve known him for many years, he only learned of my feminine side at the class reunion, along with many of my former high school classmates.

The purpose of our meeting was to discuss some business venture ideas, but most of the time was spent chatting about personal interests. Being the first time we met up since I came out to him, there was a good deal of curiosity about this aspect of my life, which I was more than happy to discuss.

During our conversation, he made an interesting comment to me. He’s known a total of three crossdressers and pointed out, “…but you’re the only normal one.” He shared with me that the other crossdressers both exhibited negative, degrading feminine behavior in girl-mode – the kind of behavior that most women would (and trans folk should) find insulting. I certainly did.
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