“Stray Shadows” – Artistic Crossdressing Themed Music Video

Gender bending, androgyny, and various forms of crossdressing are nothing new in the art of music video presentation. I was recently invited to check out a new music video for the song Stray Shadows by Blanket Barricade, a theatrical rock band from Vancouver, Canada. To my delight, the video’s visual style is anything but just another example of the often used comedic, shocking or outrageous approach.

The “Stray Shadows” music video features an artistic, tasteful, and very well-done presentation in its use of a crossdressing themed story. It artistically illustrates some of the powerful emotions and awkward moments involved in the life of many a crossdresser, along with an unexpected surprise. The song’s music is hauntingly beautiful and lead singer Wesley Krauss offers an emotionally charged performance with his accompanying vocals.

What are your thoughts?
Before heading off to your next internet bus stop, please take a moment to share your thoughts in a comment below. What did you think of the music style? Could you relate to anything specific in the video? What did you think of the little twist at the end? Is there anything you’d like to share with, or ask the band and talented artists behind the video? Please leave a comment below.

There’s more to my personal interest in Blanket Barricade
It was the crossdressing theme of the “Stray Shadows” music video that caught my attention. The positive, tasteful, artistic portrayal of a crossdresser’s emotions and struggles in the video earned my respect and admiration for the talented artists of Blanket Barricade. It was however, their other music videos that really made me a fan, and they have nothing to do with crossdressing.

More than meets the eyes
“TG”, the much used abbreviation for “transgender”, is equally meaningful as “Tech tGirl” and “Trans Geekette” in my case. What really impressed me about Blanket Barricade’s other music videos? Their mighty cool use of robots, animation and time manipulation!

I absolutely LOVE robots and animation, and animated robots, all of which can be found in the awesome music video Hype Machine. Check it out.

What happens when you shoot an entire a music video backwards, and play it back in rewind? You end up with a cool visual time manipulation effect, complete with a pretty impressive lip sync, in the music video A Velvet Affair. Give it a look.

Type to me, people
Again, please take a minute or two to offer your thoughts on the crossdressing themed “Stray Showes” music video, and/or the other videos mentioned.


11 thoughts on ““Stray Shadows” – Artistic Crossdressing Themed Music Video”

  1. Although the twist at the end was highly unlikely, it was very sweet. I did like how the cross dresser in question was not very feminine to start with but could still enter in her own roleplaying once properly adorned. I thought the fetish-y details, the special attention to fabrics, shapes, colours… all was done very sympathetically. Was partial to the music, too!

    1. @ J6K – I agree.  The twist was highly unlikely, but it made for a very touching and uplifting conclusion.  It will no doubt, light up many viewers face with a heart felt smile.

      @ Lynda – It *is* refreshing to see this kind of thing dealt with in such a positive way in the art entertainment.

  2. I felt it was a sort of Radiohead / Placebo / Muse sorta thing.

    As to the video, a clever little story and not one played for laughs. Nice to see that as way of a chance.

    BTW, a valuable lesson for TG folk: don’t throw your clothes all over the place! :-)

    1. Thanks for chiming in, Lynn. :) Sound advice on the clothes throwing! The first time I saw the video, I thought it might be leading up to to a big “bust scene”… and I’m not talking about chest size. lol

  3. I loved the video! I actually started tearing up a bit because it was sweet instead of mean. Thanks for sharing this. Now if those two could just find the brain swapping machine…

  4. Hello my friend Gabrielle, loved the video and wishing you both a great weekend.
    Equality in Fashions
    Lorraine Goetsch

  5. What a sweet fantasy. The interpersonal love and respect touches my soul. Not that it would be necessary for my SO to CD, it would be so fulfilling to get a drop of acceptance and intimacy. Thank you Gabriella.

  6. I liked the video too. I’ve just now seen the 1st one & am saving the 2nd for tomorrow. I was especially struck by the emphasis on the lipstick. Back when I was a teenager I tried my Mom’s & then was horrified that I couldn’t get the stuff off afterwards. It scared my so badly that I’ve never tried it since, tho I’d love to. Don’t think the wife would like it, as she never wears it, so I’d have to get it on my own. Oh well, 1 thing at a time. I’ve recently started wearing bright girly knee socks under my jeans and that’s a real kick for me. Makes me feel like a silly girl — crazy & yummy! But, hmm, I’ll bet lipstick and socks would go great together. I’d just have to find the right shades. –love, Donna Lee

  7. Was I the only cross-dresser who felt horrified at the man’s treatment of all her clothes? My femme clothes are cared for with love compared to my drab ones!

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