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Some of my co-workers regularly talk about the Fox TV show “House”. Having never seen the show before, they tried to describe it to me. It’s a medical drama centered around a misanthropic, yet brilliant doctor named Gregory House. After repeated conversations about House’s off the wall treatment of people in addition to some nice eye-candy in the show (something about a woman called “Thirteen”?), I was rather curious about it.

I decided to start watching the show from season 1 on DVD rental. Mrs. H. and I have been watching about 3 or 4 episodes together each week and we’re several episodes into the first season so far.

The show itself is very formulaic. Each episode revolves around the process of diagnosing mystery illnesses and treating patients, but the real meat of it is Dr. House’s rather interesting interactions with staff and patient bedside manner… or lack there of.

Like the name implies, the show is really all about the character of House. The medical backdrop is not the show’s main focus. It’s about House doing his thing in his own very unique way. For instance, he accepts or rejects cases based on how interesting they are. It’s rather amusing to see House work out his interesting factor in some of the cases.

Dr. House is obligated to put in time at the hospital’s walk-in clinic, which he despises. Patients there are subjected to blunt, unsolicited assessments of their personal lives while he diagnosis their ailments. I can’t imagine any real life doctor’s getting away with this kind of treatment, but it’s rather entertaining to watch.

In an early episode, House is treating a woman in the clinic who has rather nice breasts. He compliments her on them and then proceeds to call a doctor friend into the exam room to just check out their greatness for himself. Although not a comedy, there are plenty of well done comedic moments like this and I often find myself laugh out loud because of them.

The acting is superb and each character holds his/her own. Actor Hugh Laurie really owns the character of House, playing the part masterfully.

I enjoy shows that aren’t afraid to be politically incorrect. There are times when this show swims in political incorrectness – something I’d like to see more shows have the courage to do.

Mrs. H. and I have about 5 seasons of the show to catch up on. We should get there by the time next season starts in the fall. I’m not sure when the much talked about character “Thirteen” comes into the mix, but I look forward to her introduction with much anticipation.

Are you a fan of the show? I don’t watch much TV and therefore don’t know about all the latest (or not so latest) shows available. I’m glad I finally discovered this show though. For a network offering, it’s really very entertaining.

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  1. I’m not a fan of the show, but then again I haven’t watched more than one episode. I have to say that I applaud any show that can survive now due to the gaudy influx of “reality” shows. Seriously, can we get more traditional television, right? There’s only so much “reality” we can stand :).

    I watch quite a bit of TV and I’ve had a DVR for the past three years so that I can watch all of my shows in one or two nights.

    I see that you’re into sci-fi, have you ever checked out the show “Pushing Daisies” on ABC? My wife got me into it and it’s a really fun twist on detective shows.

    1. I can do without the reality TV shows too, Jessica. And we all know there is really very little reality in a reality TV show anyway. Different strokes, I guess.

      Having a DVR is the only way to watch shows. I can’t stand the commercials, and never have the time to watch what I want to anyway, so we record them and watch them when we have time, skipping right past those annoying commercials.

      I’ve heard of Pushing Daisies but never seen it yet. A guy at work has talked to me about it a few times and it sounds like a really cool show. I might end up watching that from the first season on DVD after we get through House. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  2. I record House and 24 on my DVR. The commercials are about 25% of the show. House is sort of addicting if you start to watch it. I like the interaction between House and Wilson and also between House and Cuddy. I recommended it to my brother and now his family watches it regularly. House m.d.episodes are available on FOX and USA Networks.

    My wife and I started buying movies on DVD just to eliminate the commercials.

    Hope all is well with everyone on the website. First class site Gabrielle.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the show too, Nancy. It is a good one.

      Thank you for the compliment on the website. I put a lot of work into it. :)

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