Thou Shalt Not Make Magic 8 Ball Videos

Gabrielle's Magic 8 Ball Video Promo

Last Friday, I pitched the idea for video Magic 8 Ball readings offered by yours truly. My wife, the fabulous Mrs. H., rolled her eyes when I explained my seemingly amusing idea to her. When I asked my brand spanking new Magic 8 Ball, it reassured me that it is certain to be a “cool and fun” idea. Website visitors told me…

Unfortunately, website visitors didn’t tell me much of anything on the subject. Ok, point taken. The score is Mrs. H.: 1, Magic 8 Ball: 0. Perhaps mine isn’t working right because it needs new batteries or something. Wait a minute…

Maybe it’s a good thing that the Magic 8 Ball video idea didn’t fly. The one part of the equation I had trouble working out was how to properly display the 8 Ball’s answers to the camera without having to cut and edit video clips together (after repositioning the camera), thus destroying the continuity between asking a question and displaying the (recorded) live answer to it.

Before realizing the idea was a flop, a short Magic 8 Ball promotional video was already in the works. I’ve decided to finish the video as a simple, playful stand-alone bit (it’s not finished yet).

One of my regular visitors did offer a few questions for a reading, however I thought they borderlined on the serious side. The point being I felt that Magic 8 Ball video readings should only be associated with things that are trivial, lighthearted, or purely entertaining in nature.

Because deals with some very serious subject matter, human rights, and social issues, I felt it was important that anything entertainment oriented should not cross over too far into into that territory. The last thing I need is for some idiot to proclaim that I’m offering (real) advice to people based on a fortune telling toy. Silly, fun, and entertaining can co-exist on a website that deals with serious social issues, but I’m hesitant to blur the line between them too much for obvious reasons.

What’s your take? Do you feel that a website that tackles serious subject matter, such as being a crossdresser trying to gain acceptance and respect in society, can also have a fair amount of playful, humorous, and entertaining content as well? If so, how far can the two overlap? To date, I don’t think I’ve done anything to diminish the main purpose of this website, but rather taken an intelligent and unique approach to things… even if my ideas for fun and entertainment sometimes fall a bit short of brilliant. Just throwing stuff at the digital wall and seeing what sticks. :)

4 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Not Make Magic 8 Ball Videos”

  1. Gabrielle.

    I am all for not just crossing the line between serious and playful, satire and sedition and etc, I am for blurring and erasing it.

    You should encourage all the fun you can. Displaying a talent for developing a neato gadget for your site is just as valid and important a part of your dimensionality as displaying your talent for dressing, make-up, walking in heels and etc.

    I think your friends and admirers out here get that, and won’t mistake you for being a charlatan / soothsayer.

    And please ask the 8 ball whether my 6 inches above the knee Leopard print dress is still age appropriate.

    Fond regards to you and Mrs. H.


    1. I really like your attitude toward blurring the lines and the reasons why, Petra. Excellent points made.

      My fears were more in what non-cd’s/tg’s might think of it. I did not want those who are seeking to learn more about cd/tg to be put off by the entertainment/joke elements. The chances for that seemed minimal, but I sometimes second guess myself and outside input is very much appreciated.

      My main concern was in haters (and those who would keep us underground because they don’t want to understand) potentially pointing to my site and making example of one of those “crazy crossdressers” trying to offer people advice from a fortune telling toy in an effort to belittle who we are. Then again, the haters can take anything from any information source out of context and make terribly misleading points. Again, perhaps I’m just being too cautious and over thinking. It happens. :)

      In regard to your leopard print dress, if it’s the one in your Yahoo avatar… age appropriate or not, you look mighty fine in it! :) I almost don’t want to ask the Magic 8 Ball just in case it disagrees. lol Perhaps the 8 Ball video bit does have some life in it yet.

      Thanks for putting some of my fears at ease. I often tell others not to over think things, yet I do it myself from time to time. Doh! Sometimes this t-girl just wants to have fun, but not at the cost of serious issues. It doesn’t seem there is any conflict in doing so at this point. :)

  2. Yes, because we can’t be serious all the time. As much as we want our issues to be respected, we are not all work and no play. I really enjoy the humor and whimsical posts on your blog.

    I try to be lighthearted as well, it’s just my personality.

    1. Thanks, Jessica. :) I try to have fun (and sometimes just need to) without going overboard. Life isn’t about being all serious all the time and so why should our writing and other offerings be? I just second guess myself sometimes. It’s good to get some outside input on things like this to help sort out my thoughts.

      Loved the Magic 8 Ball greeting photo! Thanks for thinking of me and snapping a shot when you found that!! :)

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