Happy Independence Day 2009

Super Mario Brothers Independence Day 2009

It’s July 4, 2009: A celebration of Independence Day for my fellow Americans and I. If you live outside the USA, it may not be Independence Day, but that’s no reason why you can’t still celebrate a beautiful 4th of July Saturday anyway. Celebrate life and have some fun just because. :)

Whereas most websites might display the American flag along with the traditional pictures of fireworks, I’ve decided to take a unique approach with the visuals. I’m a member of the original generation of gamers. Why not serve up the holiday imagery with style using old school bits and bytes of gaming coolness?

The United States of America is 233 years old today, having declared its independence from Great Britain in 1776. From the original 13 colonies, the country has grown into a union of 50 states. There’s also Washington, DC (District of Colombia). It’s not really a state, but it sort of is, but it isn’t. Puerto Rico, is kind of part of the USA, but I’m not exactly sure how that works. It’s not an official state, but still connected somehow. You’ll have to look that one up for yourself if you’re curious.

starburst close-upI hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day. Enjoy the company of friends and family over some delicious outdoor grilled foods and beverages of choice.

Firecrackers, fireworks and other forms of loud, explosive joy-with-a-fuse are a lot of fun, but please practice safety when handling and setting them off. Life ain’t like a video game. If you blow your hand off because a firework exploded in it, a new hand will not magically respawn to take its place. ;)

At the end of the festive day there will be plenty of fireworks displays going on, so get out and enjoy the big colorful show in the sky. After all, that is the big grand finale to the day that most look forward to. Last year, Mrs. H. and I were treated to an awesome display of fireworks in our own back yard. A nearby neighbor put on their own show, thus offering us a front row view of it all from the comfort of our patio.

About the Super Mario Brothers themed Independence Day imagery in this write-up: I’m sure many gaming websites might utilize this kind of approach, but why on this website? I’m a crossdresser, but I’m also a gamer (and many other things). Modern gaming is mighty fun, but sometimes there’s nothing like the classics. That’s why I chose to go with the old 8 bit imagery. Did you notice that “USA” is displayed above the score? The score is “233”, the age of the USA today. Rings collected is “50”, one for each state of the union. The stage, or world is “7-4”, representing July 4th. The year “2009” is the flag-grab score displayed. More noticeably, the standard game flags have been replaced with the American flag (although not entirely authentic due to pixel limitations). And of course, the “starburts” represent a display of fireworks.

Adding to my love of classic gaming and the technology of yester-year that helped bring them to life, you may notice that the images are not of a simple screen captures. That was a fun creative exercise in old school gaming display technology.

There you have it: Crossdressing, classic gaming, and Independence Day all masterfully woven together by yours truly. And now I, Gabrielle Hermosa, “The Crossdressing Gamer”, will indulge in a game or two of Super Mario Brothers on my original NES hardware, attached to a big, old, heavy, non-HD television set. Only after saving the fair maiden Princess Toadstool from the vile clutches of the evil spike-shelled Bowser can I properly enjoy my Independence Day…

10 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day 2009”

  1. Gabrielle

    Hope you have an enjoyable 4th of July. I have a new Nikon D5000 camera to try out today at the family picnic. The battery is charged and it looks like great weather and we usually have a large turnout. Plenty of good friends and delicious food. Happy 4th of July to all!


  2. Gabrielle

    I think you have potential as a writer. Your posts are well written.Have you ever considered writing a book on crossdressing or any other subject ?


    1. Thanks, Nancy. I’d love to write a book about being a crossdress/part time t-girl, what it was like growing up this way in a society that is not accepting of it, and how I conquered my battle with self-hatred in being different. I work very hard on my writing, even the fun & silly stories. It does not come easy to me – everything goes through multiple edits and consumes much time. In order to write a book, I’d need to devote a lot more time and resources to it than what is currently available in my life. In other words, I’d need to do this full time. Since I cannot afford to quit my day-job and live off my savings for the next year or two to complete the book, it will be some time before I can consider such a thing with any seriousness… unless you know of someone willing to invest in me. :) I won’t hold my breath on that. It is my goal to eventually write a book though… at least, I’d really like to.

  3. Gabrielle

    Maybe you could write short stories. My daughter does water color paintings and she is getting better all the time. Everyone has a talent. Talk it over with Mrs.H. Keep the day job and maybe submit a story to a magazine. Whatever you decide you are talented. Best of luck in all your endeavors. Just got back from the picnic had a great time. I am working at 4pm so a fellow worker can attend his brothers 50th birthday party… Have a Happy Fourth of July…!!!


  4. Gabrielle

    You have already started your book. The title is at the top of the page. It is trademarked. Compile all your posts and go to a local printer. I would like to purchase the first copy. Congratulations on a second career.

    Nancy…..always thinking of how to help….

    Best of luck !

  5. Happy fourth to you, too. Thank you for creating a site that is more in the norm; going on with life as it is and as we are. The two meld, in my view, into normal life. Life that is filled with fireworks, celebrations, “8” balls, cell phone etiquette and so forth.


    1. Thanks, Liz. Mrs. H. and I enjoyed our day together. I hope yours was a good one. :)

      I’m glad you enjoy the fact that it’s not going to be all crossdressing all the time here. Sure, I’m a crossdresser, part time t-girl if you will, but there is so much more to life than that. Crossdressing and analysis of the social issues surrounding it will continue to be a hot topic of discussion, but certainly not the only subject or theme. You are right in saying “life is filled with…” So shall the content on this website be as well. :)

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