Passing of an Eight Legged Admirer

spider grave

Not long ago I did a write up about a little spider that decided to take a ride on my knee while I was exercising. After completing my daily trek on the treadmill yesterday, I noticed the little fella had returned. It was sitting on my exercise mat almost exactly where it had dropped down on me before. Not wanting it to get accidentally stepped on, I carefully blew it aside to the corner.

This morning, I found the spider right back on my exercise mat in the same spot. Upon closer examination, I noticed that it was rather dead. Not squashed or anything, just dead.

Maybe it knew the end was near and just wanted to die in its favorite spot on my exercise mat – right where it first fell in love with my right knee. After all, arachnids kneed to find a peaceful place to pass on into the great spider web in the sky. Couldn’t resist the pun. :)

No more climbing up the water spout for this itsy-bitsy spider. Little Miss Muffet can sit on her tuffet without being frightened away. No more unexpected landings on my pretty little knee.

I suppose a proper eulogy would be in order:

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this little spider with its final resting place in the Hermosa back yard makeshift cemetery. It had great taste in crossdressers, and enjoyed watching me exercise every day. Oh the memories. Now we lay to rest my little eight-legged admirer. Goodbye little guy. Rest in peace, and may the Force be with you.

Ok, worst.. eulogy.. ever.

3 thoughts on “Passing of an Eight Legged Admirer”

  1. I thought I was the only one with a soft spot for spiders. One had built web inside in a not very location so I moved it, him, her to a better spot where she (not knowing how to sex a spider I’ll call her her) happily set up camp. Occasionally I would catch fruit flies which she eagerly devoured.
    Then, one day, my wife disturbed the web and the spider took off, only to be pounced on by my cat. Obviously this story doesn’t have a happy ending either.

  2. It is all fun and games until the little things multiply and decide to bite you when you are sleeping. Those bites sure do itch. …and some spiders are dangerous. It is better to rid your house of all pests.

    1. You’re right, Sally. There’s nothing fun about spider bites… unless they’re RADIO ACTIVE SPIDER BITES! Come on – how cool would it be to become the world’s first trans-superhero? Call me “Spider T-Girl”! :D heehee Oh well – fun to joke about, anyway. :)

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