Babe of the Week – Nikki Welsh

[Nikki’s photo has been removed at her request]
We’re happy to announce a new reoccurring segment called “Babe of the Week”. It doesn’t require much explanation – the title pretty much sums it up and our first official myCDlife “babe” is quite the knock-out!

Nikki Welsh is a gorgeous t-girl with style, personality, and legs to die for. Married with kids, she’s a straight male to female crossdresser living in the Western U.S.

On her flickr account you will find dozens of beautiful photos boasting a variety of different looks that she pulls off very nicely. Each photo includes a playful caption. It is obvious that she has a great time in front of the camera, and you’re sure to have just as much fun enjoying the fruits of her work.

It’s important to understand that Nikki is not just another pretty face in the transgendered community. There’s a lot more to this t-girl than just good looks. In her blog, Nikki Welsh’s Lost in Trans Elation, Nikki explores the complexities of being a crossdresser and her deep emotions involved.

“I am straight and happily married but my wife doesn’t know about Nikki or my compulsion, which I’ve had since I was a young lad. Also I’m Mormon which causes some really big conflict in my life since this type of lifestyle is considered taboo.”

Are you a crossdresser experiencing your own conflicts? If you’re not a crossdresser, perhaps you would enjoy an interesting peak into the struggles that people like us face or have faced in our lives. Agree or disagree with what she has to say, I think you’ll find her blog a an interesting and worthwhile read.

If you’ve got something to say or share with her, I’m sure she’d appreciate the feedback.  PLEASE be courteous though.  She’s happily married and not looking for romance – in other words, it’s nice to say hi, but please do not hit on her.

Thanks for being our first Babe of the Week, Nikki! We wish you all the best with your conflicts and hope you find your peace in life. :)

December 13, 2016 update:

Nikki has asked that her photo be removed from this post for personal reasons. Links to her social media accounts were removed in August, 2009 when those accounts were deleted.

The post remains as an historical account and to honor this beautiful soul. Life can be complicated and society isn’t always so kind to those who have the courage to live authentically and express themselves as such. This is a universal truth and not limited to transgender people (and the many subcategories of transgender and gender nonconforming people, etc.).

Nikki – I hope you find the peace and happiness in life you deserve. You are worth it! That’s the truth. <3



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