3 St. Bernards and a Crossdresser

3 Saint Bernards

While taking a walk today, I passed by a rather interesting sight. There was some movement in a parked vehicle to the right of me. I looked over at it only to find not one, not two, but three Saint Bernards staring back at me!

This isn’t exactly something one sees every day so I whipped out my phone and snapped a quick photo… just in time for them to all start barking at me. lol What – haven’t they ever seen a crossdresser with a cell phone before? Actually, I was in guy-mode at the time: just a regular looking guy. Regardless, I’m still a crossdresser, hence the title of this post.

Sorry the photo didn’t turn out too well. The glare on the hood of the vehicle caused the auto settings of the phone camera to darken the image. I tried to compensate some in a photo editing application, but the original image was pretty low quality. Look carefully though, there are, in fact, three Saint Bernards looking back at me through the windshield.

I remember the first Saint Bernard I ever saw. I believe it was in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Someone (Elmer Fudd?) had gotten stuck in an avalanche, and a Saint Bernard found him. The dog opened up his neck-bound mini-barrel and prepared a cocktail of some kind (shaken, not stirred). After popping in an olive-on-toothpick, it downs the drink, and then wanders off… or maybe pulled Elmer or whoever out of the snowbank. I really can’t remember now. All these dogs were missing today were the neck-barrels like the one in the cartoon. What exactly do they keep in those things, anyway?

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  1. there is brandy in the barrel meant to help revive the rescued.still done today in austria and switzerland in avalange surches !
    love your pages!!

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