New TV Stand

TV Stand

Last week, my wife and I went out to a local store and bought a new TV stand for our living room. I was perfectly happy with the old TV stand, but my wife had her heart set on something different and since money grows on trees…

Like most furniture purchased in a discount retail store, this baby came nicely packed in a box, which meant I’d be spending some time on my knees putting it together. I really don’t enjoy the process of assembling furniture. It would be so much nicer if they just came with a button and when you pushed it, presto – instant TV stand, fully assembled!

Yesterday afternoon, my wife helped me assembled it. I was the doctor and she was the nurse. When I would say “scalpel”, she’d hand me the screwdriver, and so on. It would have been more fun if she wore a sexy nurse’s uniform, but we forgot to pick one up while we were out. Can you believe it took about an hour and half to put this thing together? It really doesn’t look like much, but trust me – there were a lot of parts to this thing. Not as many parts as a build-it-yourself Humvee kit or anything, but more than you might think to see it all completed.

Aside from the fact that I accidentally put at least 3 chunks of this thing together incorrectly along the way (and had to take apart and re-do properly), it really wasn’t too bad. The instructions were very easy to follow, but that didn’t stop me from making some good mistakes along the way.

I think it goes well with our hardwood floor and now TV is even funner than ever to watch – oh boy!

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  1. Just went to a Sony Dealer this past weekend to look around and of course there are a lot of Father’s Day sales. I have a High Definition Tv 55 inch and also have a Blue Ray Disc Player. The Blue Ray converts 480i DVD’s to 1080p (progressive scan) output. It looks like TV’s are going to LCD with a thin footprint. I enjoy watching movies on DVD’S without the 15minutes of commercials every hour. Today is June 3 Happy Fathers Day to all the Father’s. Summer is coming enjoy. Nancy

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