Do You Help Take Care of Your Wife’s Hair?

washing wife's hair

Most married people take showers together, at least from time to time, but have you ever washed your wife’s hair for her while doing so? For the ladies, does your husband ever wash your hair for you? If not, do you wish he would? I rather enjoy washing my wife’s hair.

While washing her hair on Sunday, I noticed that my black painted fingernails looked pretty cool peaking through her wet tresses. I quickly got out of the shower, dried off (more or less) and grabbed the camera. It’s not easy to take a photo with one hand, while trying to wash hair with the other AND not get the camera wet in the process. Unfortunately, the photos turned out very dark so I made the most of this one using a high-contrast black and white look.

Mrs. H. cookingMrs. H. has long (waist-length), beautiful, black hair. Although she has no trouble washing it on her own, I’ll wash it for her from time to time (often depending on whether I’m home when she wants to wash it). To the right you can see how her hair looks when dry. Long, sexy, pitch black hair. Mmmmmm

I guess it can be said that I’m a hair enthusiast. A woman’s hair, how she wears it, and how well she maintains it has always been high on my list of most treasured feminine features. I prefer a more natural look to anything that looks obviously processed or super-trendy, etc. My wife’s hair isn’t just something that’s there, it is a part of her that I notice and admire very much. She receives compliments on her beautiful hair from me daily. I love looking at it, the way the light hits it, how it moves in a breeze, the way it falls as she does her thing, and I especially love playing with and running my fingers through it. She melts in my hands when I do.

Taking good care of Mrs. H.’s hair doesn’t stop at washing, I also trim it when needed. I don’t have any formal training in hairdressing, but I do a very good job. It’s really not that hard to trim hair that’s all one length (not layered). She loves how I trim her hair, not to mention the way I massage her head when I’m washing, or just playing with it. It’s an affectionate, romantic thing between us.

I don’t know if I am so enthusiastic about my wife’s hair because I’m a crossdresser: into women’s clothing and the whole girly thing, etc. It wouldn’t be surprising if that had something to do with it. Perhaps I’m more appreciative of things like (women’s) hair because of who I am. Maybe my crossdressing and appreciation of all that is girly has nothing to do with it – perhaps I’m just a hair enthusiast who also happens to be a crossdresser. It really doesn’t matter how it works. I admire my wife’s hair very much and enjoy the opportunity to help take care of it with her and she rather appreciates it.

Do you ever wash your wife’s hair? If not, why not? Even if you don’t think you’d enjoy doing so, I bet your wife might. She’d probably find it to be romantic, and you may earn yourself points for doing so. ;) I can understand if not many husbands trim or help style their woman’s hair. That’s a little more complicated than a simple washing… unless of course, you’re a hairdresser.

8 thoughts on “Do You Help Take Care of Your Wife’s Hair?”

  1. I’ve been meaning to wash my wife’s hair for the longest time, but haven’t done so yet. I do, however, brush it for her from time to time if she is not in the mood to do so.

    I swear I’m going to do it one day :) !

  2. My wife was a hair dresser when we started dating. She has frosted her hair for a long time. I never really thought of washing her hair before now. Guess I’ll have to ask her. She just gave me a haircut. I always joke about coloring my hair Strawberry Blonde. Guess Highlights would be nice. Well who knows what the future has in store. We just have to wait and see… Stay tuned.

  3. Cool post, I do occasionally and it is a realy nice experience… should do more of it, and will :)

  4. i have washed my wifes hair and also given her perms and colors before. Love playing with her hair!!

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