Friday Flowers for a Fabulous Wife

wife's white roses

It’s Friday… thank GOD it’s Friday! What a crazy, busy week it’s been for me. That’s often how things just work out in my life.

During the week, my wife, the fabulous Mrs. H., brightened up my days with her usual awesomeness. From her amazing, delicious Puerto Rican home cooking to the incredible way she rocks my world (and everything else in between) – she’s the greatest.

I love my wife with all my heart and thank God for her presence in my life. This afternoon I will greet her with a nice bouquet of flowers in hand. If you’re reading this, why not surprise your wife or significant other with some flowers, too. The loving smile they offer in return is worth every dime!

Every couple of weeks or so, I bring her flowers just to let her know I love her and just to enjoy the beautiful smile they put on her face. Flowers really don’t have much value to me. I mean, they’re kind of expensive for something that really doesn’t last long. Some people may see it as a waste of money, but it’s really not. Like I said, the smile it makes on her face is worth every dime. She knows I love her – I tell her frequently, and show it in many ways. She loves getting flowers though, and lights right up with joy.

Even though I don’t bring her flowers every week, she kind of knows my pattern. It’s usually on a Friday and usually a couple of times a month. In light of that, maybe the surprise element isn’t very high, but she loves when I greet her with a bouquet of flowers followed by a hug and kiss.

I call it “marriage maintenance” – the little things that aren’t necessary, but still make a big difference in the general level of happiness. Are you up to date on your marriage maintenance? Flowers aren’t just for dating and special occasions. They put a big smile on my wife’s face every time, and I bet they will for yours, too.

When’s the last time you brought your wife some flowers for no other reason than just because you love her? Why not do so today. There are often additional benefits in bringing your wife flowers, too, you know. ;) I’ll leave that to your imagination. But don’t just imagine a happy marriage. MAKE it a reality.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Bring your wife some flowers and I bet it will be that much better for the both of you.

Update: The photo up top is that of my wife admiring the flowers, moments after I came through the door this afternoon. I brought her a dozen white roses. As expected, a HUGE smile was on her face (sorry the flowers are covering it – she asked not to have her face shown completely). Mission accomplished. The previous photo was of a bouquet I bought her some time ago.

10 thoughts on “Friday Flowers for a Fabulous Wife”

  1. Great idea!

    It’s Halloween season. I hope you bought an arrangement that reflects the season. Speaking of which, what are your Halloween costume plans? I have been something en femme the past two years. So I think it is demonic evil sorcerer this year.

    1. I take it your wife will be getting some flowers today as well then, Erin? :) Mrs. H. loved her roses! I updated the photo up top to reflect the moment.

      I’ll discuss my Halloween plans (or lack there of) in an upcoming post… hopefully with a cool and creepy photo of “Zombrielle”. lol Or something like that. :) I think a demonic evil sorcerer sounds pretty cool. Perhaps I’ll also post a memorable and rather convincing image of me from year’s past dressed up as the nightmare master himself. >:D

    1. You know it, Lynn. Are you by chance… married, too? lol The only thing that “goes down” with the arrival of jewelry is my bank account. :o You’re right though. Women love fine jewelry and my wife is no exception.

  2. Lady Gabrielle,

    I have already thanked my wife, but I think I should thank you as well. I’m fairly sure my wife is following your site as well as myself and she was inspired by this post.

    We went to a local club on Thursday night, but had a very bad experience at JACK IN THE BOX on the way. It just happened to be staffed with haters that night, kind of like your experience with the cell phone idiot. The last couple of days I have been very down on humanity and (Lady K) my wife knew it.

    Last night after getting a little inspiration from you, she brought me a huge bundle of purple mums. What ever those are, purple is my favorite color. It more than made up for our stupidity incident on Thursday. So thanks for throwing the idea in the air.


    1. I’m sorry to hear about your run-in with haters at the local Jack in the Box. Shall we call it “Jack-ASSES in the Box?” lol There is no shortage of haters out there, Nikki. I’ve forgotten who said this, but it’s a very true quote: “Hydrogen isn’t the most abundant element in the universe, stupidity is.” Haters are haters because they lack knowledge of reality, and choose not to learn, but rather to perpetuate their own stupidity.

      Do not give up on humanity. It’s easy to loose sight of the fact that the haters are in the minority. They’re a bunch of dinosaurs – a dying breed. Their numbers dwindle with each generation. They’re not dwindling fast enough, I know, so you’ll need to be stronger and tougher than they are in the meantime. I don’t mean that in a physical sense – I think you understand.

      We’ll both face plenty more haters in our time. You gonna let them win? I sure as HELL am not.

      As for your wife, Nikki – you should be very thankful to have such a loving wife. She seems like a loving, supportive wife and good friend, too. For all the assholes who spew hate your way, never forget the love your wife brings into you life, and the love the two of you share together. What else matters in the grander scheme of your life? And you’re not alone. The world is FULL of people like us. ;)

  3. Well I went with a single rose.

    Nikki sorry to hear about your troubles hon. And mums are short for chrysanthemums. We need to plant some of those again once we start getting our beds and outside jobs under control again=\ Glad something good came from something bad =)

    1. It’s all about the expression of love. I’m sure your wife felt loved when you offered her a rose, Erin. :) I bet she gave you a big smile in return. That’s always priceless!

  4. I’d love to do the whole flowers thing – but my lovely wife just isn’t into them that much…

    I have to make do with Lynns idea of fancy chocolates :)

    1. I hear ya, Stacy. Not all women are into flowers. It’s all about showing a little sign of love and affection to bring a smile to her face. If chocolates do the trick, then go with it. :) It’s such a sweet thing to do. heehee

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