Our Different Journey – Transgender Realization Stories

Our Different Journey

The word “transgender” encompasses a very wide variety of gender variants that don’t conform to “social gender norms” based on one’s reproductive organs.

Many of us (trans folk) realized at an early age that we identified, at least in part, with the gender typically associated with the opposite sex, and grew up thinking that we were the only one who felt like this. We experienced confusion, struggles, fear, pain, and many of us eventually learned to accept being trans, and find much joy in it.

There are some general commonalities among trans folk, however there are also plenty of differences – from how we started out to where we are today, and everything in-between. Transgender people are as varied and different as non-trans people.

I’d like to bring awareness to a website dedicated to archiving and sharing the personal journeys of transgender people: Our Different Journey. This site is the brainchild of Lynn Jones, author of the long-running and frequently updated Yet Another T-girl Blog.

There are 16 unique, personal stories shared on the site as I write this. Among the journeys shared, you will find entries made by the founder herself: Lynn Jones, Petra Bellejambes (of “Voyages en Rose“), and my own recently shared experience: Gabrielle Hermosa.

The process of writing up my own journey forced me to revisit memories and emotions that haven’t surfaced in my conscious thoughts for quite some time. Reflecting back, it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come. Even so, my journey is far from over. In many ways, it feels like it’s just begun. My time spent in female form is only part-time for now. I’m mostly a weekend-warrior. These days, it feels more like I’m “crossdressing” when I’m wearing my man clothes and putting on my “man act” – a learned survival skill and charade that I grow increasingly weary of. I can’t say where life will take me, but I have a pretty good idea of where I need to go.

Where are you in your own journey? I encourage you to share your journey with the world. Please consider contributing your time and journey by answering the questions and filling out the ODJ submission form here. Who knows – your story might just resonate with someone else who’s had a similar journey, and help them better understand or at least not feel like they’re alone. We’re all in this together!

Pleaase take a moment to share your thoughts and feelings and a little of your own journey in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Our Different Journey – Transgender Realization Stories”

  1. The biographies related on Our Different Journey are well worth reviewing. I am always in awe of the things that we have gone through that are similar as well as those where we differ.
    I am glad that you used your blog site to refer to that endeavor.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the kind words and the plug to the project. It has stalled a little of late, so if anyone is thinking of putting in for a comment, now’s the time! :-)


  3. You know my dear Gabrielle, that I was so happy to see your story up on on Our Different Journey.

    I have fallen out of the habit of reading so many favorite blogs, and so it is lovely to catch up with all of your change, growth and beauty.

    Delighted to see you are keeping your edgy / geeky sense of humor along the way too :)

    Keep it all up!

    xoxo – Petra

    1. Thanks, Petra! :) It’s great to hear from you again!

      I haven’t been keeping up with my reading, either. Life has become rather hectic and I do my best to stay in the game. Some good times, and some rough, but always good learning experiences and growth opportunities. :)

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