Daylight Saving Monday

Angel Clock

Daylight saving time officially began yesterday at 2:00 AM in the morning, but it always seems to make its biggest impact on Monday morning when it’s time to get up for work. It always feels like I’m getting up extra early. My weekend went fast enough without giving up on hour. The loss of an hour just made it go that much faster.

The hour isn’t completely lost, really. It’s just being held in the great time vault for safe keeping. They’ll return it to us again come November. I’d rather they didn’t take it away at all though.

It’s always kind of a pain in the butt to go around and reset all the clocks to the proper time twice a year. The computer, DVR, and cell phones set themselves. The other time keeping devices in our home and cars do not.

I wish they’d just stop this archaic practice. It was started to conserve on lamp oil, if memory serves. What’s wrong with picking an optimal yearly time standard and just sticking with it? No lost hour, no gained hour, not setting all the clocks twice each year. I bet that is the secret to world peace – doing away with daylight saving time. Everyone would be so much happier. And even if world peace didn’t spontaneously erupt, at least all our clocks would have the right time on the all year around. That’s almost as good world peace, isn’t it?