Discovered Dollhouse on FOX


A guy at work recommended a show called “Dollhouse” a few weeks back. Unfortunately, I missed the first couple of episodes, but remembered to set the DVR to records episodes 3 & 4. My wife and I sat down to watch episode 3 of the show last night.

The show itself is very mediocre with a slight overly dramatic presentation, repeated and unnecessary dialogue to explain every obvious point as the plot unravels, and a not so fresh sci-fi theme of special agents with programmed minds. But it also has some gorgeous leading ladies in skimpy outfits, great cinematography, convincing actors, and it’s just plain fun. There’s nothing unique or groundbreaking about this show, but I rather enjoyed it. It’s entertainment and fun… not to mention they utilize the lovely ladies in the show very nicely. A little eye-candy (or in this case, a lot) doesn’t hurt a bit.

Actress Eliza Dushku does a nice job playing the lead character “Echo”. The part almost seems made for her style of acting, or perhaps she is just made for this kind of part. I also enjoyed her in the short lived TV show “Tru Calling”. Good to see her back in a fun show with a sci-fi theme.

In the episode we watched tonight, Echo played a back up singer (and unknowing bodyguard) to a Rihanna-like pop star. She looked mighty hot in her back up singer outfit. I told my wife that I top like hers! I wouldn’t look any where near as good as she did in it, but I bet I could work it. The miniskirt she wore looked great on her, but that style would probably not work so well on me. Loved the boots too. I look mighty fine in boots like that if I do say so myself.

If you enjoy lighthearted sci-fi with good cinematography, a cool premise and some beautiful eye-candy, check this one out for yourself. It’s one of those shows you can just kind of jump in to and understand in a single episode. The unnecessary dialogue I spoke of helps with that. I guess it’s not so unnecessary after all, although it does make for some abnormal conversation. No one actually engages in dialogue like that in reality. Then again, this is just TV sci-fi fantasy and that’s how the style of storytelling works.