Aquarium Cleaning


It had been a few months since my wife and I gave our fish aquarium a good, thorough cleaning. This past weekend, the one with 1 less hour in it, we had at it. Nothing like killing TWO hours draining all the water from our 20 (30?) gallon aquarium, scrubbing all the little fish-toys and filter, and then putting it all back together and filling it back up.

When all was said and done, The Jackson 4, our 4 guppies, were swimming in crystal clear water once again – darting around faster than my camera could capture. They used to be the Jackson 5, but shortly after bringing them home, one of their bellies seemed to explode somehow. It was rather disgusting. Really – his little guts had burst through his belly… ok, enough of that. The Jackson 4 are doing very well as they have been for almost 2 years now.

I think we need a better filter system or something because the fish tank does seem to get dirty rather quickly for being inhabited by 4 little itty bitty guppies. It’s best not to drain all the water for a cleaning, but this time around, it really needed a thorough cleaning. And the fish were so happy we took that extra time to do so. Really, they told me.