Crossdressers Not Immune to Swine Flu

swine flu attacking Gabrielle

The World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency prompted by the outbreak of the deadly swine flu. There is currently no vaccine available to protect against this dangerous strain, so many people are stocking up surgical masks to protect themselves. Sources say they’ve erected six new surgical mask factories in Malaysia just to keep up with the demand.

Not even crossdressers are not immune to the swine flu virus. After researched the subject in great detail, it seems that no matter how much mascara or lipstick is applied, we’re still at risk. Our best heels can’t raise us up high enough to dodge the nasty boar-named bug. Oh, the humanity!

It’s the end of the world! Stay tuned to the news so you know when your town gets hit! Run for your lives, squealing like a pig… or “swine” if you prefer.

Ok, is it just me? Is anyone else tired of the media making such a big deal out of itty-bitty things like this? And yes – it is very small when you take into consideration the world’s entire population and the total number of confirmed cases of swine flu, which stands at 252 at the time this article was published. The total number of confirmed deaths due to swine flue is 9 (8 in Mexico, 1 in the USA). Look it up for yourself. Don’t get me wrong – a single death is too many, but to go so far as to mention the word “pandemic” along with “swine flu” is just total media sensationalistic garbage.

Getting the word out is good. Educating people is good. Making it sound like the potential end of humanity is just stupid. It’s being completely blown out of proportion in order to scare people into staying tuned in to the big (news) show. Although I am amused by the endless stream of footage showing people wearing surgical masks on the streets, I’m tired of the stupid scare-tactic the media uses for their little ratings game. I’m surprised how seriously people still take the news in light of this kind of reporting.

Is anyone seriously afraid of catching the swine flu? Has the constant video bombardment of people walking around in surgical masks gotten to you? Did you catch SARS or the bird flu when they were all the media rage? Honestly, you’ve got a much better chance of winning the lottery jackpot than catching the swine flu. How many lottery winners out there are reading this?

At least one good thing came of all this media exposure. It gave me an excuse to walk around wearing a surgical mask all day. It was fun. Nothing makes for a more interesting dinner-table conversation than sighting a surgical mask wearing crossdresser, right? You’re welcome. :)

For the record, I had to call FOUR local drug stores before I could find one that still had surgical masks in stock. Apparently I’m not the only one who wanted to take a picture of myself in a surgical mask… or the media scare tactic has prompted others to play it safe. Amazing.

Well, I’m off to enjoy a ham sandwich with some pork rinds…

2 thoughts on “Crossdressers Not Immune to Swine Flu”

  1. You make some good points. My friend was saying something to the same effect yesterday. You are right, because now every day I’ve been going to to check the latest news.

    I get paranoid and so when I did groceries on Tuesday not only did I not buy tortillas (from Mexico) I refused to pick up ham and bacon :( ….

    Many times the news, instead of informing, works to scare us. As long as this thing goes away by the holidays so we can have yummy pernil ;) !!!!

    1. Try not to let it get to you, Jessica. There’s a lot more to real life than murder, rape, corruption, auto wrecks, fires, war, sickness, and swine flu… yet that’s the main part of any news broadcast. Why is that? It keeps the audience glued very nicely. It honestly sickens me.

      Pork is a significant part of my diet. I love pork meat and I’m not giving it up for some bogus sensationalistic news reporting. There’s nothing to fear. I’m more afraid of dying in a car accident on the way to work. There’s a MUCH higher risk to one’s life while driving on the road than there is to most of the stuff they try to scare people with on the news. Look up the statistics for yourself.

      And… what time should I show up for a delicious pernil dinner? Got my mouth watering already! :)

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