To Bee, or Not to Bee?

bee close-up

As I finished up my treadmill exercise, I noticed a small object slowly crawling along my nearby exercise mat. It was bee, or whatever black and yellow striped winged insect that looks like a bee to my untrained eyes. I almost stepped on it by accident.

Can’t have bees in the house, right? Should I just squash it and throw it away? It looked quite harmless. I figured it shouldn’t be difficult to pick up the little fella and set him free outside.

Unlike many people, I’m not afraid of bees or being stung. Not unless they’re physically crawling on me and I’m doing something that might cause it to feel threatened enough to sting me. I don’t usually just kill bugs or pests unless they cause some kind of threat to me or my house. Ants, for example, are very bad for obvious reasons, but this slow-crawling bee?

I didn’t want to chance upsetting it by picking it up with my hands. Although I planned to help it out, it may not know my intentions and therefore sting me. I grabbed a car-light bulb package from a shelf close by and carefully let the bee crawl on to the flat, cardboard top of it.

Of course, this is me. I couldn’t just set Mr. Bee free without first taking a quick photo to share with the world… because that’s what everyone does, right? lol

What would you have done? Would the insect bee-come history in your house if it seemed as docile as mine? Would you have done the same as I did and set it free in the back yard? There’s no wrong answer – just curious about your bee-havior. :)

4 thoughts on “To Bee, or Not to Bee?”

  1. Cool! I didn’t know that was the actual bee until I read the rest of your post. I know I probably would have squashed it if I had the chance. I can’t stand insects hehe!

    1. Yep – that’s the bee I rescued. :) All the imagery with a copyright next to my name is of my own creation – either photography or graphic art or combination of both.

      The bee ended up dying several hours later. I found it on the patio just a few feet from where I let it go. Oh well, I tried. Took another photo, but decided not to do a follow up post about it bee-cause I don’t want to bug people too many insect posts. heehee

  2. I would do what you did except for the photo. I am still technologically impaired (taking therapy). Keep loving life; even the life of a helpless little bee.

    You go girl !

    1. Good for you Elizabeth! On helping a little bee-in-need AND seeking therapy for your impairment. (heehee) One should always snap a quick photo of their good deed. It’s more fun that way. :)

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