What the Hell, Dell?

Dell keyboard

The IT department recently distributed and set up new computers for us at work. My old computer really wasn’t all that bad, but the new computer is more powerful and allows me to multi-task a little better. It’s not uncommon for me to have several windows open on my work computer at any given time, so the extra processing power really helps.

The keyboard it came with is pretty nice, too. It’s comfortable to type on, the keys are quiet, and I almost always hit the right key when I’m typing. Almost.

Some keyboard designing genius decided that the company logo should go where print screen, scroll lock and pause/break buttons usually sit. To accommodate, these keys have been relocated just above the numeric keypad, about 3.5 inches (8.5 cm) further to the right. Because I use these keys often, I tend to fumble for a moment when trying to hit them without looking. Why couldn’t the Dell logo just go in the right corner and leave these keys where they’ve always been?

I’ll probably get used to it in time, but that may cause other problems. I use multiple computers at work but not all of them have this odd key configuration. Once I get used to reaching further for the desired keys, I’ll probably start to fumble on the keyboards that have them in the correct location. They did this for the placement of a stupid logo. Does anyone really care about the logo? Ok, Dell probably does, but how does shifting the keys over benefit the consumer? Every time I reach for the keys without looking, they’re not there!

I’m not sure if Dell had these keyboards specially made for them, or if they’re just keyboards made by company X for any computer companies with their respective logos to be located there. Regardless, it’s a stupid move. Overall, the keyboard is great, but this one annoyance is pretty irritating. It’s a keyboard, people. It’s used to help me get work done for my employer. Functionality OVER logo placement, please. That is the key to a good product. Thank you.

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  1. I have this same exact keyboard, and never realized until now that these 3 keys were shifted over to the right. Out of curiosity, what do you use the Scroll Lock and Pause buttons for? Back in the early 90s, I used to use them but haven’t really used them since. The print screen is used often to capture screen output, but I never ever use the other two.

    1. Interesting that you’ve never noticed the relocation of those buttons before, Jessica. I bet that is why they chose to do so – not enough people would mind. I’m probably in the minority here (that use them frequently), but I still see no advantage to relocating the buttons just for a logo placement.

      I often have to assemble application instructional material and screen captures are a frequent occurrence. I also use an application that relies on the scroll lock and pause buttons to initiate certain functions. I keep reaching for those buttons and they’re not where I expect. Doh!

  2. OK – sit comfortably… close your eyes…. breath in breath out.
    A keyboard is a keyboard – just swap out the old one for the new one. Chances are 90% that it will work just fine. If all of the function keys don’t work. Put the new one back – Flip the old one over to find out the manufacturer and model number. Go to that manufacturer’s web site and download the proper driver. Then the old keyboard should work just fine.

    1. Thanks, Megan Ann, but the keyboard works perfectly. :) My irritation is in the relocation of 3 keys I often use – they’re in the upper-right corner of the photo. On most keyboards, they’re located where the Dell logo is located on this keyboard. The keys work just fine, but they’re not where I expect them to be when I’m not looking as I type. Otherwise, the keyboard is very comfortable to type on and fully functional. It seems unnecessary to relocate the keys like that simply for logo placement purposes, and it throws me off from time to time.

      Even so, I tried closing my eyes, and taking a deep breath in and out. Unfortunately, when I opened them, the keys were still in the wrong place. Maybe a new driver would do the trick… heehee :)

  3. I used to have to use those $#@@#$ keyboards, and I still hate them. My favorite keyboard of all time is the old IBM Model V, which had real springs under the keys. There’s a company making replica keyboards, and I so need one!

    1. Nothing like those classic keyboards, Zelda Rose. I hope that replica works out well for you if you end up getting one :) As for the Dell keyboard… I maintained my status quo today of hitting the “Insert” key instead of the desired “Print Screen” key again… a few times. Doh!

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