Happy Valentine’s Day 2010

Happy Valentine’s day, folks! I hope you’re all enjoying some quality time with a special someone.

I took my wife, the fabulous Mrs. H. out to a nice dinner yesterday. We thought we were being smart going out to dinner a day early and beating the Valentine’s Day crowd. We even went out for an early dinner, just in case. Early or not, it was still quite packed. It was still a smart move, though. Our waitress explained to us that Valentine’s Day is their busiest day of the year, right up there with Mother’s Day. Packed as it was, the wait to be seated was a whole lot longer for those poor folks who were just arriving when we left. Kind, courteous, and attentive, our waitress did a great job given the stress load she was under, and earned herself a good tip from yours truly.

On this day last year, Mrs. H. bought matching lingerie for her and I. It was the first Valentine’s Day we enjoyed together after coming out to her, and probably the coolest related present I’ve ever gotten from her. Sorry, folks. No photos of us in our lingerie together.

Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday for flower vendors and candy makers – it is their Christmas, but I am a little puzzled by something. On Christmas, the biggest holiday for buying tech-related gifts for people, the price of big screen TV’s, cameras, laptops, and the latest gadgetry usually drops. Why is it that on Valentine’s Day, and leading up to it, that the price of flowers doubles and even triples depending on the source? I’m not really puzzled, by the way. In economics, it’s called supply and demand, but it seems like the “day of love” is just another good excuse for suppliers to get grrrrrrreedy (yes, I said that like a pirate). Perhaps because of their love of the “green” (or whatever color your currency is depending on location).

For those who are single today, I’m sorry… or congratulations – whichever you feel is most applicable. It can be a lonely holiday for single folks, but it is also a LOT less expensive. ;) If you’re lonely – just keep your mind on that silver lining. I’m not lonely… but my pocketbook feels a lot lighter right now. Then again, all the money in the world would not bring an ounce of happiness in my life without my lovely wife to share it with.

How did/will you spend Valentine’s Day this year? What was the coolest gift you either gave and/or received from your spouse?

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  1. Since you asked – friendship. No, I’m not married any more – there’s a lot of reasons for that, my need to transition being but one part of that picture.

    However, once we (my ex and I) started to build a new relationship in the aftermath of our separation, we rediscovered the things that we share which brought us together in the first place … and learned that we can still enjoy each others’ company … even if the marriage didn’t work out the way we might have once hoped.

    1. @ Michelle – Friendship is better than any material gift one could give. I’m sorry that your marriage didn’t work out, but the fact that you and your ex-wife were able to maintain a good friendship together is a sign of a love that runs deep. Maybe it isn’t the fairy tale ending, but it certainly sounds like a happy ending… and for that matter, a happy beginning, too. :)

      @ Nikki – Thank you for the kind words about my imagery skills and the well wishes for Mrs. H. and I. :) It sounds like your Valentine’s Day will indeed be a beautiful one!

      @ Lynn – Yes, the two do seem to go together hand in hand… or something in something. lol I guess that is why November is such a popular month for birthdays, huh? :)

  2. Lady Gabrielle,

    Totally awesome picture as usual:)

    I am making progress with the Print Shop system, but sure wish I could study under you for a few days:) Managed to create a really cool Valentines Day card for Lady K.

    Well the flowers are out and the champagne is chilling so I’m off to touch up my makeup & get dressed:)

    I hope you & Mrs. H have the best V-Day EVER!


  3. > Valentine’s Day is their busiest
    > day of the year, right up
    > there with Mother’s Day

    I hear in certain communities, the two are frequently combined :D

    *ahem* I hope you both had a lovely Valentine’s Day together.

  4. No lovey dovey for me. Which is good seeing I am fairly unemployed. I have a side job that I am doing, but it just barely pays the bills. Such is life in our new economy.

    I am one that dislikes the commercialism of this and nearly every other holiday. I also cringe at the fact that there is needed a holiday to tell you love that you love them. This is something that should happen everyday. The flower shops boosting their costs are just greedy, pure and simple. To Hades with supply and demand, it is gouging pure and simple.

    The few Valentine’s days I had a S.O. to share it with was a candle lit, home made Italian dish for two, and wine. Very romantic, if cheesy :) But Goths are known for that.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Pythos. :) I don’t see anything cheesy about your candle lit Valentine home-style celebrations. It sounds like a great way to share some quality, romantic time together with the one you love.

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