Transition Transmission #62: Caitlyn Jenner, Does Passing Matter, Transrace and Diverse Opinions

Transition Transmission PodcastAs stated on the official website: “Transition Transmission is a podcast by, and for, transgender people. We are also a transgender and lgbt news conduit. Our mission is to push for transgender rights, visibility of transgender women and men, and let our readers and listeners know what’s going on in the world.”

I highly encourage you to listen to episode 62 of the podcast for thought provoking, in-depth exploration and discussion about Caitlyn Jenner’s big reveal in the Vanity Fair glamor spread earlier this month.

In this episode, I had the honor of joining the Transgender Trio, along with Bunny, as a guest during the roundtable discussion about Caitlyn Jenner and a variety of topics, including “transrace” and Sense8. It was fun and exciting to be on the podcast and add my thoughts and feelings to the mix. I’m so very grateful for the opportunity! Apologies for the poor quality of my audio (due to hardware issues on my end). I was able to remedy the problem after the recording was in the can. Doh!

Podcast discussion points
Do looks matter? Would there have been a different reaction if Caitlyn wasn’t as glamorous? Is passing important? Caitlyn thinks so – do you? Is Caitlyn a hero? Is she a good representative for the trans community? Is all the publicity about Caitlyn Jenner a good thing or a bad thing for transgender people?

Much of the episode revolves around Caitlyn Jenner and the very diverse thoughts and feelings evoked by the recent explosion of publicity. This serves as a springboard for important discussions about the underlying issues that many within the transgender population feel so passionate about: positive, negative and everything in-between. There’s more going on than just Caitlyn-talk and you’ll find plenty of intriguing discussion contained within.

But don’t stop at just one episode – this podcast is a collection of coolness, informative, entertaining and all out fun. Transgender talk is just the tip of the iceberg.

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More about Transition Transmission
The transgender themed podcast started in 2012 and features the “Transgender Trio”, podcasters Amber Neko, Alexandria Tibby and Ramona Mona. It serves as a platform for transgender discussion, related issues, sharing thoughts and feelings, just being real and having fun along the way.

Why I listen
I discovered the show about a year ago and it was love at first listen. The transgender themed discussion initially drew me in. The delightful, colorful, candid, humorous, and often geeky banter sealed the deal.

Amber, Tibby and Romana offer smart, interesting, spirited and opinionated conversation about transgender issues, challenges, society, culture and a variety of random topics. Each episode feels like spending quality time among good friends.

It’s not all trans, all the time, and that matters
Perhaps what I most love about the show is the fact that it’s not “all trans, all the time”. It varies, but sometimes there is arguably a greater percentage of non-trans discussion in the show and I think that’s fantastic!

It offers a refreshing look into the lives of transgender people in a very down to earth and realistic way. Being trans is a just a small part of who we are as human beings. Our lives don’t revolve around it. We face greater challenges and countless dangers in today’s society for being perceived as “different”, but there’s so much more to our lives than gender identity and this podcast is a good reflection of that.

I’m so grateful these brave women have the courage to share their lives, personal interests, hobbies, and many of the same daily joys and frustrations we all experience – things that have nothing to do with gender, bigotry or “social norms”.

A word of caution if you’re easily offended by an occasional f-bomb or two or three or fourteen. These gals speak their minds as freely as anyone does during a conversation among friends, and it includes (gasp) swear-words. (insert Dramatic Chipmunk audio byte here) So if the use of conversational swearing is bothersome to you, then maybe this isn’t your cup of tea. Otherwise, I think you’ll enjoy and find value in the show.

Thank you, ladies
I’d like to express my gratitude to Amber, Tibby and Ramona (and Bunny) for allowing me the opportunity to join in the conversation for episode 62. Thank you for making me feel welcome and putting up with my shoddy audio connection (sorry about that!). Most of all, just thank you for the podcast! I love what you’re doing and look forward to each new episode. My only complaint would be that I wish they came out a little more frequently. Please keep ’em coming. Your efforts are very much appreciated and play an important role in making a positive difference in the lives of countless others. Thank you and long live the “mail goblin”. :)