Should Transgender Girls be Allowed to Play in Girls Sports?

My answer is: absolutely! Later this month (July, 2015) the New York State Public High School Athletic Association is expected to create new guidelines for transgender athletes.

Lynette Adams, reporter for News 10 WHEC Rochester, invited me to talk about whether or not transgender athletes have any inherent advantages in sports. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss the realities about such concerns and met with her for an interview. A brief sound byte from the interview made it into the final story and can be seen in the video posted above. Here’s a link to the story on the WHEC News 10 website where the video and text copy can be found.

This topic is not without its controversy. Given the half-truths, generalizations and misinformation out there, it’s understandable why. I was absolutely delighted after viewing the final piece that aired on the 11:00 news this past Friday. The general consensus among young athletes and their parents is that transgender girls should be allowed to participate in girls sports and treated just like everyone else. Some people are going to be more athletically inclined, stronger and faster than others. Much of it has to do with genetics, but not necessarily based on the XX, XY chromosome combinations.

Rochester Pride took place this past weekend. Not only am I proud to be a transgender woman, but also proud to be part of this beautiful, diverse city and community. While being interviewed for the story, I had no idea what the sentiments of young athletes and their parents would be on this subject. To say I’m grateful that people are starting to “get it” would be an understatement. I’m proud to be a Rochesterian!

What are your thoughts about transgender youth playing in school sports?