Free Public Presentation: Understanding & Supporting Transgender Friends & Family

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If you live within reasonable travel distance of Rochester, NY, please join us for this free public event! It will be held at Open Arms MCC (707 East Main Street Rochester, NY 14605), Sunday November 15, 2015, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

Knowledge is power and I’m all about empowering people!

About the event
Transgender people face a variety of social and economical challenges. Issues such as: discrimination, disparagement, ridicule, assault, murder, and lack of access to affordable healthcare from qualified providers, are just the tip of the iceberg.

This adversity isn’t limited to the transgender population. It also affects friends and families of transgender people, who may feel powerless to help. Our loved ones want to be understanding and supportive, and sometimes need a little guidance and support themselves.

You’re not alone!
There is strength in numbers. We can work together to overcome these daunting challenges and build stronger communities.

Presentation & discussion

  • Break down and exploration of the components of human sexuality and gender variations.
  • Debunking negative myths and misconceptions and the truth about transgender bathroom use.
  • I’ll share my personal story, history, struggles with gender dysphoria & suicide, and perseverance strategies.
  • Ask Me Anything
    (A phone-texting number will be available for asking questions anonymously.)
  • Group discussion about changing the culture and fostering an understanding of transgender people as human beings, deserving of dignity, respect and equal rights and status in society.

What attendees of the 2015 SUNY Oneonta Pride Conference had to say about the presentation

“Gabrielle is amazing, honest and inspiring.”

“Gabrielle was professional and organized. This presentation was very strong & wonderful.”

“Emotional and real. I found it very moving!”

“This was hands down, the best presentation of the entire conference.”

“I loved the tone and showing enthusiasm and humor engaging the audience. It was perfect!”

“Great crowd interactions, activities & engagement.”

“You were amazing and have influenced me to learn to love myself more.”

Official Event Flyer
Download event flyer (PDF, 1 MB)

Rochester PFLAG
This presentation is being offered on behalf and support of the Rochester PFLAG Chapter. The acronym of “PFLAG” refers to “Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays”, however their support and service in inclusive of the greater spectrum of LGBTQQIA… and the rest of the “alphabet soup”.

Interested in a presentation for your group or organization?
I’m grateful to be receiving more requests for my unique talents as an energetic, entertaining, uplifting and empowering public speaker. If you’d like to book me for your group or organization, please contact me. My best advertisement is to see me in action so please join us on November 15, 2015 and discover what I bring to the table. I look forward to connecting and working with you! :)