My Guest Spot on ‘Think Opposite’, and Why You Should Tune in EVERY Week

I’m filled with gratitude and excitement to announce my upcoming guest spot on Think Opposite, hosted by thought strategist, public speaker, successful business owner and author: Alison Donaghey.

The 1-hour talk show will air live on the Contact Talk Radio Network Wednesday, May 24 at 4:00 PM EDT (1:00 PM PDT, UTC -7:00)

Normal is the New Mental Illness
We’ll be talking about controversial anti-transgender bathroom legislation, related social challenges and why legalizing discrimination against any segment of the population causes hardship all around (not just for the targets of discrimination). I’ll also be sharing life lessons and wisdom learned along my journey – knowledge that can empower and benefit everyone.

Speak your mind and join the discussion!
If you’d like to share opinions, thoughts or ask questions, you are encouraged to join the discussion! Phone 844-390-TALK (844-390-8255) to connect live and become a part of the discussion.

If you miss the live show, no worries – it’s also available as a podcast. I subscribe and listen every week and encourage you to, as well. Alison is smart, thoughtful, inspirational, cutting-edge, totally awesome, and un-apologetically real.

You can listen to the show here:

Here’s a link to the Think Opposite subscription feed. Subscribe in your pod-catcher of choice to get notified each time a new show is published.

What is “Think Opposite”?
Each week Alison challenges listeners to “Think Opposite”, which means to spend some time considering views, philosophies, and opinions that are the opposite of what you typically believe or maybe haven’t considered. To help with the process, she interviews interesting people of diverse backgrounds and walks of life, offering useful insight and information into aspects of humanity that may not be as well-known or understood.

It’s human nature to seek out people who think and live as we do, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s useful in building a good, healthy support system and forging strong, long-lasting friendships. The problem is, many people stop there. They find people who hold the same values and way of life, and tend to feel threatened by anyone who doesn’t think the same.

These days, too many people are stuck on expressing why their way is the right way, and why anyone who doesn’t hold the same beliefs or opinions is wrong, bad and unworthy of respect. So much time, effort and resources are spent demonizing the “other side” and that’s a problem. It gets in the way of communication, sharing experiences and having important conversations that are necessary to find ways of living together peacefully in this world of infinite diversity.

Thinking opposite involves stepping outside one’s comfort zone to consider and explore opposing views. It may feel wrong and even scary at first, but that’s where the growth and deeper learning takes place. Thoughtful time invested doing so can minimize discomfort, replace fear with understanding and empower us as stronger, smarter, healthier people. Thinking opposite helps foster empathy, recognition of “the opposition” as fellow human beings, and cracks open the door for effective communication, which we desperately need more of.

The bottom line is we’re all in this world together. It makes a lot more sense to find ways of getting along and respecting one another than it does to continue fighting, arguing and making life that much more stressful for everyone on all sides.

Collaborative communities are far more successful than those locked in conflict. We need not agree on everything to be respectful of one another, collaborate effectively and thrive together. It’s not easy working through our differences, but it is important we start getting better at doing so. I believe in humanity and know we can rock this world together, supercharge our lives and communities, and make the world a better place for everyone in the process. Everyone wins.



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