Vlog #4: All Dressed Up With No Place to Go

This is entry #4 in my vlog series. It’s been a few months (about five) since my last vlog was published. My, how time flies!

Clocking in at a whopping 30 seconds in length, this is my shortest vlog to date. Sometimes less is more, and I think this is a good example. It’s short and sweet. My apologies if you were hoping for something a little longer. You can always play it again a few more times. Don’t worry, it won’t wear out.

Why so short?
The video footage was actually recorded a few months ago, and meant to be longer. Trouble with my editing tools had me spinning my wheels and I gave up on it after a while. I talked about it in this post.

After playing around with some of the footage on and off, mainly as a creative exercise, I settled on an interesting, stylized visual presentation. A few short snippets of the original version were chosen to appear in the final 30 second video. It seemed more effective and meaningful to keep the “message” short and sweet. In the end I liked how it turned out, and there you go.

The day after
Like the video, this write-up also had to be chopped down to a more manageable size. I have a tendency to ramble on about my creative interests – in this case, video production and visual style. It was enjoyable to indulge, but most people don’t come here for that kind of thing. It seemed to clutter up the post, rather than add to it. Another good example of less being more effective. Exactly one day after publishing, I removed six paragraphs of “clutter” for a shorter, tidier post.

Where do you go when you’re “all dressed up”?
Like I asked in the video, is there a welcoming and safe environment you can be yourself and fem-out? Perhaps like myself, you find yourself all dressed up with no place to go? Please take a few minutes to share – either way.

Disclaimer and reminder
I have little control over the suggested videos offered after mine finishes.


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17 thoughts on “Vlog #4: All Dressed Up With No Place to Go”

  1. hi Gabrielle
    I’ve only just found a small community of M-F and F-M, this is my only outing with people that I have. they do drag me along to a pub/night club every now and again from the club hall. But before this it was all dolled up and in the middle of now where, and usually at 2am, so i can relate to this. Yes I’m also a part time Tgirl and as ‘Tgirl Queensland’ (on youtube) puts it, the T stands for terrific.

    Unlike you I have not braved to go out shopping, though as a suggestion (in jest) you could always go back to the mall and by a phone from that ‘gentle man’.

    1. Hi, Vivian. Thanks for chiming in. :) It sounds like you’ve found a cool bunch of friends to enjoy going out with. That’s awesome! Please send my love to the gang the next time youre out with them. I agree with your YouTube friend – the T absolutely means terrific!

      The phone kiosk incident wasn’t exactly pleasant, but that’s how a lot of people feel about people who are different than they are right now. Can’t let it keep me from getting out. Just have to be very careful about things. I just thank God that I am “terrific” and not one of those miserable idiots who hate all that they do not understand. ;)

  2. Hi Gabrielle. thanks for the lovely reply and yes they are a good bunch to be invoved with. We meet twice a month and they do week end event every now and again.

    Have you joined a society of some sort?

    Oh by the way, you have created a magic site and I think you are a good looking Tgirl.

    Take care..

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Vivian. :) I appreciate that.

      I haven’t joined a local society or group. There really isn’t much going on in my area in that regard. I’ve considered starting something up but don’t have the free time to head up and organize such things right now.

  3. Fortunately, we have a good local bar/restaurant…

    Unfortunately, I make it out maybe once every two months…

    One of my new year’s resolutions, from two years ago, was to go out more…still working on it.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Erin. :) We should probably both get out more than we currently do. It’s not always the easiest, or most convenient thing to do, though. I still think about how ridiculous it is that the simple act of getting out has to be so carefully planned ahead of time, at least in my case, so as to minimize the potential for trouble when out. I’m glad you’ve got a good place to get out to. I hope to find such a place, too, at some point. :)

  4. Hi, i love crossdressers like you. ur beautiful. my names emma benson and I love wearing white spandex shorts x x

  5. Lol, this is the story of my life. All done up, but too nervous/scared to go anywhere.

    I would occasionally step out at night, long after dark, and walk around the block en-femme. I’d stop at the post office, after close, to pick up my mail – stuff like that.

    Every time a car would approach, I’d turn my head in shame. Too afraid to face anyone head on.

    I’ve recently stepped out into the public for real for the first (and second) time. Again, nervous as hell, but I was determined to do it.

    I went out and purchased drinks at a bar, went shopping at Target, stopped at the mall, and finally went to the liquor store. Responses were overall quite favorable. I am glad that I did it. It was…dare I say…fun.

    I still do not truly accept this part of my life, so I bounce between extacy and self loathing on a regular basis. After 40 years you’d think I’d have a handle on things by now.

  6. Well I can certainly relate to this. I spend most of my femme time all dressed up with no where to go. I was really hoping to change that this weekend. I found a couple of CD parties at clubs in town. But as a closeted CD the logistics of getting my outfit together, getting out of my building unnoticed and going out alone, are a bit daunting. I wish I had a supportive wife like you, that would make going out a bit easier. Still unsure whether I’ll make it out this week or not.

    1. Thanks for chiming in, Randi. :) I can certainly understand the difficulties of being a closeted crossdresser with the daunting task of getting out dressed up without drawing unwanted attention from neighbors. Might I suggest setting off the building’s fire alarm? It should be much easier to exit undetected during the confusion. (heehee)

      Seriously, I hope you can come up with a way to get out of your building safely and attend the party en femme. It sounds like a really good opportunity for you to be out and among people who you can relate to and not be judged poorly by simply for being yourself. You may even wind up with a new friend or two to get together with again in the future. There is safety in numbers and we can always use another friend.

      I hope you can figure something out so you can get all dressed up WITH SOME PLACE to go! I’ll be hoping things work out in your favor. Good luck! :)

  7. Gowing out with out setting off the Fire Alarm!
    Dress with all outter and esentials under garments. Apply make up hold off on lip stick,and brest forms and wig place items in gym bag to carry to car. Make your exit. When in car drive to remote parking area or seclued place to slip the items on. Make your change/ Enjoy your time out En Fem. Reverse procedure when returning.

    See lot of sisters in the closit.
    Peggy Rudd has two excelent books out
    Crossdressing with Diginity and My Husbin Wears My Clothes. Avable on Amazion.com each about 15.00

    Best for Everyone

  8. Hi! Gabreille, I been cross dressing for the past forty years, and been wearing female clothes under my male clothes and I want to come out in public wearing women’s clothes on do you have any suggestion on doing it PLEASE REPLY!!!!!

    1. Hi Wendy. I don’t have a lot of good advice about getting out in public en femme, other than to plan ahead, make sure you’re choosing a location that is relatively safe (in terms of the type of people you may encounter), and going out with a friend or in a group is always best. There is safety in numbers. For those who are fortunate enough to pass in public, getting out should not be an issue. For the rest of us, depending on our location and the open-mindedness of the surrounding population, finding a safe location (optimally a place that is openly trans-friendly) and going with a friend or in a group is always the smartest way. Otherwise, you’ll just end up, like the name of this post, “all dressed up with no place to go.”

  9. Hello Allie here.

    Im going to go out tonight allthough i know im far from “Passable” its somthing i have to do for myself i dont plan on getting out of my vehicle but i may have to gas up before heading back so that means i may have some social contact.

    again i know this is a bit of an older post. but i have to say you are inspiration even more so for young people like me who are just starting to get there feminine identity.

    im prepared to be laughed at, or to hear any snarky comments which is almost a gurentee in the area i live which is full of homophobs and haters. of course… i can drive very fast if things get a little out of hand.

    (Strange, my first thought about conflict was flight rather than fight i guess i am feeling preety good right now)

    just hope i get lucky if i do have to gas up and the attendent is at least polite if not understanding. (We dont pump our own gas in oregon its ilegal for some reason)

    (PS got a new top, bracelet, and corset today and they look great!)

  10. Hi Gabrielle, I’m so glad that I have stumbled onto your website. I love reading the experiences of other gurls like myself. For years it’s been so frustrating being “all dressed up and nowhere to go”. I live in a small town in Utah and wouldn’t be able to get out dressed here. Not even for Halloween because once someone dresses as a girl, and if they are even slightly good at it they are pegged at someone that probably does it all the time. Very closed minded people here in this town for sure.
    I had the fortunate time of my life going out my first time while in Vegas last October. I was there alone for a week and got much better with my makeup while practicing and dressing up each evening in my room. I wanted to go out but I couldn’t find other CDs online to go out with. Well my last night I couldn’t wait any longer and took my first steps out alone and had a great time. After the initial scared feeling of leaving my room and getting to my car, I started feeling so good about being out. I drove around for a while then I finally just had to do some shopping. I went to the friendly places like the adult clothing and lingerie stores and had a blast being out enfemme shopping. I know I wasn’t quite passable but I felt good anyway especially because I never looked this good before and I felt I wasn’t all that bad anyway for not totally passing. I was treated with respect from all of the employees and cashiers that I came in contact with, and the other shoppers didn’t pay me any mind. At one store a couple in their 20’s started chuckling when they walked by me and I felt because of myself being read, but I was surprised that it didn’t bother me at all. I didnt want the night to end, and even though I didn’t go to the regular public stores and places yet I felt it was a great first step for me. The next day I was flying high and was so proud being Tiffany that in guy mode I stopped at a couple of women’s clothing stores and a wig shop before leaving Vegas and going back home to Utah. When the sales ladies would asked me if they can help me I was proud saying that I’m looking for some cute dresses and outfits for myself. At the wig store the older lady was so nice and she helped me try on wigs and got me a better style and color that was best for me.
    Now I so bad want to go to Salt Lake for a weekend and go out enfemme with my supportive fiancé. I will be in Vegas again in February and this time I’m going out every night and slowly push the boundaries of where to go. Thank you for your openness of having this website. Your are a georgeous woman!

    1. Hi Tiffany. You’re welcome, and thank you for sharing your out en femme (and beyond) experience in Vegas! :) What a beautiful time it sounds like you had, and a very positive, uplifting story to share with others. You really did it right, too, focusing on the good, and not letting the young “laughers” bother you. Excellent!!

      I’m happy to hear you have a supportive fiance and hope you enjoy time in Salt Lake en femme, and again in Vegas this coming February. May 2013 bring you many positive, beautiful feminine experiences! :)

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