Along Came a Spider

spiderWhile exercising early this morning, I found myself the subject of interest to a rather curious little spider. I watched the little critter drop from the ceiling on its personal web-elevator. At first, it just looked like a piece of fuzz slowly dropping down, but fuzz it was not.

I really don’t mind spiders. Of all the little exoskeleton-clad freeloaders lurking in my home, spiders are the least likely to be squished by my powerful bug-mashing thumb. Although I’d rather have a house clear of insects and other little creatures, at least spiders help out by trapping and feasting on some of them.

This particular spider seemed rather curious about me and my exercise routine. So much so, that it decided to drop right down on my right knee while doing my leg-lifts. Come on, little spider – why must you land on my knee while it is moving about like that? Wouldn’t you prefer a more stable landing pad? Could you not have dropped down one foot further to my right? Continue reading to see the cool animation of where the spider landed on me. :)
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Until Society Has Their Way With Them

I had very troubled teen years. Sure, most teens have their struggles, but I was an emotional wreck who couldn’t fit in socially to save my life and suffered from chronic depression. As a result, my parents sent me to a psychiatrist. It did me good and I leaned a lot about myself. I eventually chose to discontinue therapy after realizing that I was just going to him to complain about my life rather than work through my problems. In more than a decade of therapy, I never told him I was a crossdresser. The whole time, I was in fact in denial about it myself. After all, society frowns heavily on such things.
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2009!

shamrock shake guyI didn’t wear anything green today, but I did indulge in my annual tradition of Shamrock Shake worship. At least my tongue was green for a while afterword. lol

These things are great, but only once a year. For some reason, after I’ve had one, I really don’t want another one for a long time. They taste really good at first… once you can actually get them to flow up through the straw. You know what I’m talking about, right? They’re very thick and you have to suck so hard to get any in your mouth that the straw collapses and your eyes are pulled back into your head to the point where you can see your own brain. After stirring it up for a while and sucking really, really hard, that cold, green, gooey shamrock goodness tastes so delicious.
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Plátanos (Fried Plantains)

platanos frying

I came home from work today to find my lovely wife, the fabulous “Mrs. H.”, starting in on tonight’s dinner. I’m not sure how many people are familiar with the Puerto Rican food plátanos (plantains), aside from most Puerto Rican families, of course. I snapped a few photos of my wife while she was preparing dinner, btw. Continue reading to see what this delicious food looks like when finished and how my wife likes to dress in the kitchen.
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New TV Stand

TV Stand

Last week, my wife and I went out to a local store and bought a new TV stand for our living room. I was perfectly happy with the old TV stand, but my wife had her heart set on something different and since money grows on trees…

Like most furniture purchased in a discount retail store, this baby came nicely packed in a box, which meant I’d be spending some time on my knees putting it together. I really don’t enjoy the process of assembling furniture. It would be so much nicer if they just came with a button and when you pushed it, presto – instant TV stand, fully assembled!
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Always Listen to the Voice of Wisdom

Sooner or later, it happens to most of us. We acquire that voice of reason and wisdom in our head. It’s there to make sure we don’t screw up our lives too badly. We go about each day doing our thing. When choices pop up, our conscious mind may be going in one direction, but there’s that voice of wisdom in the back of our head directing us toward the more sensible and intelligent path. I like to call my voice of wisdom: “TVOW” (TEE-vow).

Interpersonal relationships are complex and often fragile things. The complexity level differs from relationship to relationship. Obviously a superficial relationship does not hold much in terms of its complexity, but a close friendship and love can be so complex that rocket science seems easier to understand in comparison.

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